Posted by: drshollen | April 3, 2014

Part of the problem, not the solution

Part of the problem, not the solution

Although you may comment on this post, it doesn’t “count” as one of your comments…simply because I don’t want to take away from the initial posts of the students who are doing so this week. However, I thought some of you may be interested in this recent storyline and the responses it is eliciting. A major league baseball player took 2 days off for paternity leave and got flack from some of the sports media for doing so; needless to say, there has been backlash.


  1. Some of the comments that the radio hosts said astounded me. I couldn’t believe that one of them said that since Murphy was a major league baseball player, he could just hire a nurse to take care of the baby. Another even said that they should have purposefully scheduled an early C-section, so the baby could be born before Opening Day. First of all, that puts the baby and the mother’s health in danger, and second of all, it is as if the radio hosts are saying that it’s not his responsibility to be with his baby because he can just “hire a nurse.” Personally, I didn’t see anything wrong with Murphy wanting to take a few days off so he could be with his wife and newborn during the first few days after birth. 2 days is not that much and while I understand that it was during Opening Day, it was ultimately a personal decision that he felt was best for his family.

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