Posted by: toritrail | April 7, 2014

Kids Pose as Iconic Women

I came across this post on BuzzFeed and couldn’t help but to share it. Although it is a short blurb and only pictures, I think that this post speaks volumes about the impact that past women leaders have had and continue to have on young girls today. This photo project is entitled “Because of Them, We Can” and works to emphasize the importance of female leaders in history to young children. 

Eunique Jones started this photo project and said “We choose the figures based on women we felt were bold and vocal in advocating for change and breaking both barriers and the glass ceiling.” Some of the women featured include Anne Frank, Susan B. Anthony, and Malala Yousafzai. 

I think that having such positive role models is essential for young girls to realize that their leadership should not be hindered merely due to their gender. The fact that this photo project has young girls posing as these influential women teaches them that even though we still have a long way to go as women in the leadership realm, there are many past generations who have allowed us to have the opportunities that we have today and we should continue to learn about them and keep their presence alive.



  1. First off, this is adorable and I really enjoyed reading through all the quotes.
    More importantly, I think this is a great way to get the younger generation thinking about their role models. Associating with great women, like the ones Jones highlighted, creates ambition to do great things. These women have pushed through the barriers women face in leadership and having kids look up to them is an effective way to, not only recognize their achievements, but also raise the younger generation to aspire to be like them.
    At the beginning of the article, the quote, “influential and often overlooked figures of women’s history” leads into the pictures. I like this quote because I think it is important to not only recognize the women who stand out, but also the ones who may be less known. Women have made huge changes in the past 50 years, some of those women were political figures, some in the media, and some in smaller roles but were just as important. Women role models of all kind are important and I love that Jones does not limit his project to just the women who are well known icons.

  2. These pictures are so adorable, but they are also inspiring. Looking past the cute little girls dressed up like their heroes, we are looking at potential leaders of the next generation. Being involved in a project like this probably had a huge impact on at least some of those girls. They might be inspired to fight for something they are passionate about.

    This project is important because it teaches young girls (not only those involved in the project, but everywhere) that they can be like those women they are modeling. It shows that them that it is possible to accomplish things like that. It also teaches them that there will always be people who try to stop them or stand in their way, but that it is possible to work around them. None of the women they are dressed up as got to where they wanted to be easily. Each of them had something working against them. It is important for those girls to have strength as well as ambition, so that they are not deterred by people who disagree with them.

    I also agree with Jessica about including women who were not necessarily well known. This also shows them that it is not a one in a million shot. Dreams of becoming like some of those women are realistic. Not everyone will go down in history like Susan B. Anthony, but that does not mean they can’t make an important difference. That is why I love the Michelle Obama quote that Jones includes with her photograph, because she’s absolutely right. All the matters is the impact you have on others, not how much money you make or how well known you are for it.

  3. I love that the message here is to empower and excite young girls about women’s history! I think an issue with women trying to become more well-known is that the most iconic women in history aren’t always emphasized in the news or in history classes as much as they should be. It’s really great for young girls to be educated about these iconic women at an early age, and to start internalizing some of the positive messages that they stand for. I think my favorite one is Hillary Clinton. The little girl who was dressing up as her probably didn’t know any of the “bitch” stereotypes that she has with the media, she only sees Hillary as a strong woman, as she should be seen. She’s looking up to her and seeing her most positive and genuine qualities, rather than criticizing her for little things like many people do. This is something that should definitely be highlighted in elementary and middle school classrooms across the country! Not only is it adorable, but it’s also a message that definitely leaves an impression. I also liked this women from other cultures are highlighted. We have some really strong women here in America, but there’s also strong women all across the world! These young girls are definitely at an advantage being exposed to this, because each young girl will always benefit from a positive role model.

  4. I agree with the other posts that this idea is cute and empowering and whatnot, but I’m also wondering about how much makeup these little girls have on or how much retouching may have been done to them. It’s important for girls to know about these influential and strong women, but it’s also important for little girls to be able to stay little girls instead of growing up too soon.

    The thing I like most about this project, though, is that she includes women of color. Too often women of color are left out in the leadership conversation in America and it’s a shame because there are plenty of women of color, like Michelle Obama and Alice Walker, that probably have a huge potential to lead but that potential is not being tapped because they either feel inadequate or do not have the resources to lead.

  5. This is probably the most adorable and powerful buzz feed I have seen. I too think that it is so important that young girls have women that they can look up to. In a world where it seems as if the road to success for women is impossible, its important for young girls to see that it is possible to defeat the odds. We have mentioned this in class but sometimes, more often than not, we focus on only the bad parts of Women and Leadership. We talk about women hardships, such as the struggle towards being equally represented and opting out. However, there are far more women who have gotten it right and overcome the adversities that women face.

    What I find most interesting about this news feed is what Jessica mentioned, “Women role models of all kind are important and I love that Jones does not limit his project to just the women who are well known icons”. This is so important because sometimes it can be discouraging to see these women who really are one in a million and understand that the odds of that happening to you are slim to none. However, when you have women who are not as well known but still equally as successful, you begin to see that there are more and more women who have overcome the struggles we mention in class and that are still prevalent in the world. That is what young girls, myself included, need to see more of.

    In addition to having women who are not as well known represented it was also great to see that Jones represented women from all over the world. Women who were in cultured environments that degrade women and even prevent women from going to school. This project is not just one that could be useful in the United States, but also a project that can be empowering for young girls around the world. This was an interesting post Tori. I am going to look more into Jones’ work.

  6. I really love this post- what a great find! I think that it is truly inspirational and I wish that we would see more projects out there similar to this one. I know that it sounds cliché but even something as simple as a picture really does say a thousand words. Eunique Jones really set a great example for others out there with his photo series project!
    What I also love about this is that he used girls of different ethnicities and it that also sets a positive example for young women of all different backgrounds and cultures. I think what’s so important about this is that it makes girls realize that in order to become a leader, you do not have to be a certain age, or come from a specific country, or have a different religion, or be a male, etc. It really does show females that ANYONE can become a leader and that they all certainly have the potential to become one as well!

  7. I love it when artists use their talent to create social change. So often we think that to rely a message we must use our voices. However, a simple photo can carry so much weight. I imagine that the girls who modeled for these photos went through a beneficial experience. They were dressed like the woman leader, told her story, and told her personality so that they could pose like her. In this process, the girls learned more about a woman who they may grow up to be like. While taking the photo, they embodied her and saw themselves as her and as a woman leader. These photos are not only beneficial for the models but also a good reminder for anyone who views them. Great leaders are not born. They are raised by others, and their past makes them who they are. When dealing with children, we are given the opportunity to positively influence them and their perception of leadership.

  8. First off, this was adorable. I love how she used young girls and dressed them up as the historical leader. I totally believe that girls need strong female leaders. We have said in class how society looks down on women who are authoritative and in control of their in own lives. These women have had such an impact on society and how women should be portrayed and certain values women should continue to work towards. I think it is hard for women in today’s society to be like these leaders because of the negative view society has on strong women. This form of art is telling young girls to strive to be like these women and make a change; break down the barriers and show society that there needs to be strong women in this country. I think this is a very positive view of women and what they have done throughout history.

  9. These kids are adorable! I think we do not teach children enough about women who paved the way for many years before us. We did not end up at this point in terms of women leading and enjoying the rights of all citizens by chance, there are important women that got us here. It is important to show the younger generation that there have been impressive women throughout history that have made leaps and bounds for making sure our gender is viewed as equal rather than lesser. It is also humbling to see that although we do complain about how far we have to go, we have come FAR in a short number of years. I hope more art comes out like along with mothers, teachers, relatives, friends, and mentors of young girls being able to show them and teach them about the women who came before us.

  10. I saw this on Buzzfeed a few weeks ago and I thought it was amazing! I think it is so important to teach girls at a young age about where they come from and the women that have gotten them to where they are today. The fact that the artist included some females that I, myself, hadn’t necessarily learned about was also inspiring because I think there are so many female leaders of the past that just kind of get pushed aside because they aren’t as well known. It’s important to showcase all of the great work that they have done too because it shows just how much women have had to work to get to where they are today and that every little contribution counts. It shows young girls that anybody, from any social or cultural background, has the ability to make a difference in the world. I’ve seen photo projects done like this before, but never with young girls as the subject. I think that posing children as the people portraying these wonderful women is making a huge statement that change starts with today’s generation. We have come such a long way already and change can continue to be made with today’s youngsters who will grow up to shatter the glass ceiling even further.

  11. I love this post. I think that it was an interesting way to honor iconic women. It not only exhibits them as role models but it also makes me think of the models as child versions of the iconic women. Which makes me think about how many children there are to be made into role models and leaders themselves. Hopefully they won’t have any demanding obstacles in their way and will have the proper encouragement to be the leaders they are meant to be.

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