Posted by: jenntrice | April 10, 2014


While doing research for this initiating post, I came across a website that caught my eye. The website is titled Women’s Sports Foundation. While glancing over the material, I found an advertisement for a program called GOGIRLGO!.  GOGIRLGO! is described as a program and curriculum that helps motivate girls to participate in sports, stay active, and live healthy. This program is something that anyone can order and start with girls in their area. The curriculum also helps parents learn the best way to communicate with their daughter, how to boost her self-confidence, and how to help her make decisions and be confident about those decisions.

I think this is a great program that should be implemented more. GOGIRLGO! touches on so many aspects of life. Not only does it encourage physical health, but also mental well-being. Confidence and self-esteem are two topics we have discussed in class regarding girls. There are so many different factors that affect girls confidence and self-esteem in a negative way. Society needs to promote these aspects that GOGIRLGO! is promoting within girls. Confidence spills into every aspect of life, especially leadership. We need to promote confidence and self-esteem in girls at a young age if we want more women in higher up leadership positions. Sports also help foster leadership abilities and teach teamwork. All of these aspects are important for leadership positions that any woman would take on.

Overall, I think GOGIRLGO! is on the right track by promoting girls to live a healthy life, from sports to self-confidence. 

What do you guys think?  Should we have a program like this for boys? Do you know of any similar programs? What are some other benefits? Are there any negative aspects? 


  1. I definitely agree with what you said about confidence. If there are going to be so many hurdles and obstacles standing in the way of women taking on leadership positions, then we need to start giving girls the confidence to push through everything at a young age. I think it would also be beneficial to have a boys program similar to this. Maybe even at some point it would be effective to have a combined, boys and girls, program so at a young age they become comfortable with both genders having the same confidence and ambition.
    I work with Girl Inc. which is an after-school program for boys and girls and it helps keep children interested in going to college and finding a career, even when their families may not be able to provide it. In many ways, the girls and boys are taught to find ambition and confidence to get a higher education. Along with Girls Inc., I also work with Girls on the Run, which is a similar program as GOGIRLGO! in that it is a program that revolves around running, but it also teaches girls confidence and how to reach their goals.
    All of these programs are important for girls to start seeing their potential and not shying away from leadership positions. In teaching young girls confidence and how to achieve their goals, were raising the next generation with the tools necessary to close the gender gap even farther.

  2. I love this, it’s a great idea. I took a look at the website and the curriculum seems well developed. I definitely agree that this will give girls confidence. I also agree with Jessica that having a combined girls and boys program would be beneficial. It shows young kids that boys and girls are not in two separate categories. They will learn that it is entirely appropriate for boys and girls to play on the same team, and that skill level is not determined by gender. People often believe that girls cannot play sports as well as boys.

    Being part of a sports team from a young age has numerous benefits. Apart from confidence, it also teaches them to balance extra curricular activities with homework from a young age. They also learn how to work well with others, develop leadership skills, and a good work ethic. Sports teams are often the place where kids first learn the importance of practicing until you reach a specific goal.

    One of the most important things this can teach young girls is that beautiful is healthy, not skinny. Girls who play sports from a young age and through middle and high school usually develop healthy eating and exercise habits. They are comfortable having a strong body, rather than one that looks like the unrealistic models in magazines.

  3. I think this is a really cool program that definitely has a lot of benefits! While not every young girl will grow up to be a top-notch athlete, I’m a firm believer that all young kids (girls AND boys) should be involved in some type of physical activity at a young age. As a young girl I was involved in soccer, dance, and cheerleading. While I didn’t grow up to be a professional at any of these things, my experiences on the teams were really invaluable to my childhood because I learned important skills like motivation and teamwork, while also socializing and making friends. This program is cool because it encourages this type of involvement and promotes all sports, rather than pushing girls towards just one. I don’t really see any potential downfalls because this program seems to be focused on health more than beauty, and it teaches girls that health is more linked to happiness. I think that boys would definitely benefit from this program too, but it definitely not really necessary for them. Most boys want to be involved in sports so it’s not as much as an issue for them. I like that this program is solely focused on girls because girls are the ones who are a little more hesitant about working out and getting dirty. All around, this program seems to send a really strong message and it’s actually something I wish I knew about sooner!

  4. I am a huge advocate for children being involved in sports. There are so many life lessons that can be learned through sports, therefore, I believe that having children in sports programs is very beneficial. GOGIRLGO is a very unique program. I looked at the website and love how they advocate for a healthy lifestyle while also giving girls confidence in themselves. I also agree with Jessica in that it would be beneficial to have a joint program with boys and girls where some of these lessons of a healthy lifestyle and confidence will be instilled in both genders. I actually think having a joint program would be more beneficial.

    Sometimes when we section off boys and girls we give them a false premise of what life is really like. If girls are only sectioned off with other girls at a young age when they get into the real world around men who aren’t as empowering, will they be ready to handle it? I think having kids grow up in an environment where both genders are given the same motivation and encouragement would be beneficial. Another reason for wanting to have both genders in one program is that I believe having programs specifically for a particular sex (typically women), it gives off the message that women are helpless. What I mean by that is, with girl specific programs it implies that girls need to have programs in order to build up their self esteem and confidence because they are incapable of achieving this on their own. I do not know of as many programs specifically for boys based around empowerment, confidence and motivation such as girls; implying that boys don’t need to have someone giving them extra motivation because they will obtain that on their own. Now I am not trying to downplay any program that is specifically for girls. All I am saying is that if there were joint programs for both boys and girls, it will beget to both genders understanding that they all need confidence, they all need to have high self-esteem, and they can use one another to empower each other, not just the same sex.

  5. When I read the description of the program, I knew the criticism would be that it unnecessarily splits the sexes. However, I find this to be a beneficial part of the program. Personally, I think that I would have felt more empowered in my gym classes if they were single sex. When trying new activities or pushing myself physically, I was self-conscious because of the boys’ ability as well as their opinions of me. It was better to not try as hard so as to not embarrass myself or look “unfeminine.” If I had been with all girls, I believe that I would have had more ambition in my physical education. Girls and women who are naturally very athletic may not get the appeal of separating boys and girls, but I think it is beneficial. Of course, I was never hurt by having gym class with boys, but a program like GOGIRLGO! would have positively influenced my ambition in terms of physical activity.

  6. This definitely reminds me of Girls Inc. and Girls on the Run, like Jessica mentioned. This is a very essential program! Building confidence at a younger age makes a huge impact when girls go to middle school and high school especially, when they are transitioning and feeling especially awkward. These are the years that they figure out who they are, and starting it out by building confidence and teaching them to work on a team while being active put them on the right track. I’m curious how many girls that have participated in this program have gone or or will go on to pursue leadership positions outside of sports to see the true effectiveness of this program in regards to leadership in general. But from looking at the program I do believe this will have major lasting effects on girl’s confidence, team work ability, and maintaing an active lifestyle.

  7. I think it is awesome that there is such a program out there for girls to help create well-rounded individuals. I believe encouraging individuals to try new things, meet new people, and develop new skills is always rewarding. I know starting tennis when I was in 4th grade taught me leadership skills, how to handle criticism for better form, and how to handle not winning in a healthy manner. I believe these traits are what this program are aiming for. I don’t think just girls need a program like this, but all youth do because adolescents are all experiencing the same struggles and developments of life so this is a great way to boost self-esteem and gain positive traits at a young age. I believe all youth, no matter what gender need to learn to be positive, effective leaders, how to work with others, and find ways to stay healthy and active and GOGIRLGO! is obviously trying to promote this with their program which is a very positive step towards building effective female leaders for the future.

  8. I feel that programs like these are great for younger children to get involved in because it teaches them important skills that they can take with them into the future. Sports, especially, teach them about teamwork, perseverance, leadership, and self-esteem. I think they are very similar to what the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts try to accomplish, as well. However, I think that many people are split on the idea of whether keeping the sexes separate is more beneficial or harmful. Personally, I agree with Christina that having more programs that integrate the sexes can pose many benefits. I think it is important for children to get introduced to interacting with members of the opposite sex early on because it teaches them about gender socialization and social skills. As we get older, we have to learn what it means to work with all different types of people and I think that boys can definitely benefit from motivational programs just as much as girls. I know there are also young boys who deal with issues of self-confidence and empowerment, but there aren’t as many programs available for boys as there are for girls. I do still think that there should be programs available for separate sexes because some parents may prefer those more, but I also think there should be more options with both sexes too because then there are more options available. Overall though, GOGIRLGO! looks like a very planned out and beneficial program for young girls and I definitely support what their mission is. I think that if more girls were a part of programs like these, they could go into their teen years with more confidence, ambition, and the desire to lead.

  9. One of our philanthropies for my sorority is called Girls on the Run, which does essentially the same thing. We become running buddies for these girls and encourage them to let them know they should be strong, confident women who can accomplish anything they set their mind to. I think programs like these are so important for young girls because often girls need a little extra push and programs like these can do that for them.
    That being said, I don’t think there is every anything wrong with programs for younger boys, but I think they need to be focused on other aspects. Young girls, as we have read, need that push and need someone to help them to grow their confidence. That doesn’t seem to normally be the case for younger boys. They have other aspects to focus on.
    The point I am trying to make is I think programs like these are so important because our youth is our future and we want to help them to grow as competent and mature as possible. Not only that, but teaching girls sports really helps to grow confidence and group identity. I know playing sports had a huge impact on the person I am (loud and type A), but I am so grateful for that. I love programs like this because it will encourage young girls to be bolder and I think we need that!

  10. I definitely agree and think this program is beneficial not only for girls, but for boys wanting to become involved in sports. As girls are motivated to participate in sports and other programs to help them develop a more active lifestyle, those around them, girls and boys, are motivated to do so as well.

    I know for me personally, many that as my female friends I had when I was younger and have now achieved things, it inspired me to work harder and achieve more. I think this program takes steps to change the ideology of girls not being “accepted” as being active or physical, and puts the focus on them in addition to boys. This equal representation builds a labyrinth and breaks the glass ceiling of perceived equality into everyone needing to work for their achievements.

    I think this program focuses on the development of physicality, maturity, and an all-around more positive lifestyle for girls to influence those around them. This is something that we definitely need and would benefit from!

  11. I mean sure we should have the same program for boys but I see why there was one made for girls. Young girls need that constant encouragement and self esteem boost from an early age because when they hit their teen years they’ll be more prone to self consciousness and low self esteem. There is not as much as a threat with guys and their self esteem because they are wired differently than girls and they don’t have the constant media influence as girls do. I’m sure the program can still be applied to boys but the creators probably didn’t think the issues were as predominant for boys.
    Boys would greatly benefit from the development of maturity that’s provided by the program. Boys don’t mature as easily or as fast as girls so a little help in that aspect would be great for them. All genders can benefit from living a healthy lifestyle so I see that the boys would benefit from that aspect as well.
    So sure there could be a boys program that does the same thing but it wouldn’t have to focus on some of the things that the girl’s program does.

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