Posted by: kalliwilson11 | April 17, 2014

What was the point?


So, I didn’t post last week because I thought I was supposed to post this week. I don’t know how I got it mixed up, but I did. Whoops.

I wanted to share this video, just because I loved it and thought it was inspirational. It is about mothers imparting some words of wisdom to their daughters.


This got me thinking about the purpose of this class and the wisdom we’ve gained through the course.  For me it’s been the opening of my eyes to the influence of media and the way it shapes my actions, decisions, preferences and language that I use.

I see gendering in everything now; in the differences in advertisements, to the way men and women speak and the way I carry myself on a daily basis. For me the purpose of this class was to learn to listen to different points of view and perspective, while simultaneously learning to express my own perspective. In addition, I realized the importance of not passively accepting society’s influence.

For me, this class has shown me potential differences between the way men and women fundamentally communicate, and the way society can view these differences. I have been exposed to leaders who participate in leadership both in masculine and feminine environments and I have  been able to compare their experiences and viewpoints.

Finally, this course has helped understand what it means to be an authentic leader, and the success that comes with being genuine, yet purposeful in being an effective leader.

For every class, each student gets something different out of it, but for me, this class has made me better at thinking about and recognizing gender roles in our culture and how that is reflected in leadership roles.


  1. I absolutely love this post and this video!

    I think the video emphasizes and covers the important foundations of women and leadership. As individuals living in a society combined of many genders and sexes including men and women, we need to be understanding of one another. Men need to empower women as they are instead of creating unrealistic expectations that they can never reach.

    Our society is intimately connected in a bind where we are constantly pursuing something against someone else. It’s a competition. But how is that effective in treating each other as people? It’s not. To this end, the video shows that the point of leadership is valuing a person, woman or man, for who they are, regardless of physical view.

    Leadership is a lifestyle, not a portrait for us to paint.

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