Posted by: melissarizor | January 13, 2015

Declaring the Leadership Traits of Women

Here is a link to an article from Forbes magazine about Women’s leadership traits. The author states “It can be difficult for a man to understand how women think, act and innovate unless  he has been closely influenced by  the women in his life.  I’ve learned that women may process things differently and  in their own terms. Fortunately for me, I’ve been influenced by great women who made me appreciate their approach towards leadership. I’ve grown to understand their decision-making processes, the dynamics and subtleties of their personality and style, and other special character qualities that women possess.”

Do you think he is making a valid conclusion that he understands women based on his personal experiences with female family members? Is that enough to justify that he understands how women think? Or does this, along with some of the other statements he makes, perpetuate some of the generalizations about women leaders? More than this, can this be turned around to apply these questions to men from a female standpoint?

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