Posted by: jadavis16 | January 14, 2015

“How to love a girl that doesn’t know how to be loved”

I found this article while going through Facebook today. Normally I don’t pay much attention to the articles trending on Facebook but this one really hit home with me. It describes a woman who “doesn’t know how to be loved.” A woman who is goal oriented and extremely independent. I identified with about 95% of the article and how they described this woman. Compared to the description of the “problem” of the typical “housewife” as described in the Feminine Mystic this “problem” of the modern day woman seems to be the opposite. Instead of feeling unfulfilled by not having personal accomplishment and only tending and loving her family modern day women are struggling with how to love. They struggle how to love in our modern day society where, because they are women, career accomplishments hold so much more pressure and stress. So in order to advance they remove themselves from the idea of love and the concept of relationships in order to succeed. By doing so they may take on more “masculine” traits which may make them appear less “feminine.” What do you all think? Is this a problem with today’s society? Are we now pressuring girls to be too perfect in the work place that they have a tendency to remove themselves from basic psychological wants like love and affection?

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