Posted by: hannahchenault | January 14, 2015

The Absence of Preconceived Ideas with Gender

I recently saw this video and it has sparked thought provoking ideas and questions.  What would it be like if no one to conformed to gender norms? As this video shows, it has not yet been inculcated into the boy that it is not “normal” for boys to enjoy a Disney princess toy. This video gives me hope that if people start to focus on eliminating the action of “doing gender”, then gender inequality will soon dissipate. I can only imagine the endless possibilities and outcomes that lie in children who have a tabula rasa (a mind not yet affected by experiences; absence of preconceived ideas). What are your thoughts? Is a tabula rasa possible? If not, what are other actions that can be employed in order to eliminate the imprint on children’s minds about the importance of “doing gender”?  


  1. From personal experience, I can say that when trying to decide what music I was going to play for the Pre-K and Kindergartners; I though the boys wouldn’t like “Let it Go” from Frozen. The boys however proved me wrong and they loved dancing to it, and so I had the preconceived notion not the young kid who just loved listen to Elsa. So it show that these gender ideals are taught to us and not something we are born with.

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