Posted by: ambermyhand | January 14, 2015

Top powerful Women of the Past Century,29569,2029774,00.html

This is a link to a Time magazine list of the 25 most powerful women of the last century. It is super interesting because you can click a name and review why that woman was such a powerful leader. The diversity of the women ranges from Oprah to Marie Curie to Coco Chanel. The most fascinating part of the list is the wide variation seen in why the women were powerful. Oprah is a talk show host and philanthropist, while Marie Curie was a Nobel laureate and scientist who revolutionized medical use of radiation. It was so uplifting to read about so many different women who managed to be such leaders in their fields despite the societal restrictions of women in their times. I recommend everyone just skim through. It gave me so much hope for the future of women as leaders and even hope for myself to be a good leader. Check it out!

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