Posted by: katelynclark12 | January 15, 2015

Navy Adm. Michelle Howard is Breaking All Types of Barriers

This is a clip from ABC news talking about Admiral Michelle Howard; she is the first women to be promoted to a four-star admiral. She holds the second highest position within the Navy, as the Vice Chief of Naval Operations, which has never been held by either a women or an African American. She is breaking all types of barriers of race and gender, that has had a strong history within the United States Military. She is paving the way for women in the military and is someone that any child could look up too. Admiral Michelle Howard is going places where no other woman have been and is shattering the glass-ceiling that stood before her.


  1. Watching this video of Admiral Michelle Howard was so empowering and humbling at the same time. She presents herself in such a reserved nature which, I think, speaks to her leadership style. While Howard understands the accomplishments that she has achieved, she still sees herself as a member of the Navy just like everyone that works with and under her. It’s awesome to see Howard paving the way for future leadership roles for women currently in the Navy and those who are planning on enlisting.

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