Posted by: jessicaswing12 | January 15, 2015

A Perspective Besides My Own

As I was looking through topics about feminism, I stumbled across this video talking about feminism, but in a light of why to be ‘against’ feminism. The video discusses a Facebook page that has 10,000 likes, and pictures of girls holding up signs why they were against it. As curiosity got the better of me, I went to the page, which has over 30,000 likes now. Some of the photos state how feminists have personally bullied some of those women into sharing their perspective, or that they rather stay home and cook and shouldn’t feel patronized for feeling that way. I read other points these women shared, and I do understand; however, is classifying all feminists in the light of outspoken bullies a true depiction? Thinking about feminism, I find there are so many layers to feminism and so many that claim different definitions to the name. Are there different ‘levels’ of feminism? If so, how? If so, why? Is classifying this entire group into one single belief and theme accurate? I find myself to strongly believe that all people, regardless of gender, have equality, but for each individual decide how to react to that equality. Is that even feminism or just desire for equality?


  1. I believe that there are definitely multiple layers and facets to feminism. It may be difficult to define. Just as leadership is difficult to define, feminism is difficult to define because it has a basis in our own experiences. This makes it unique to each individual, especially differing for each gender. Further than this, the line between feminism and equality is very thin.
    Because we do not have a strong definition for feminism, it is then hard to define what equality is. It could be taken that these girls in the pictures are reverse discriminating against men and perpetuating the opposite of feminism. I believe that equality, and even feminism, can be good. However, everything must be in moderation, and when we start to see and use these things in a way that is detrimental to any human being, it is no longer equality.

  2. I think there are extremists and radical opinions in any movement, including the feminist movement. This video made me realize that some women who embrace their feminine stereotypes may be hurt by some of the more extreme feminists out there. However, I don’t think that they are necessarily aware of the whole picture. Just because they choose to stay at home and live their lives as housewives and mothers doesn’t mean all women should be expected to do so. I think the real issue is that women in general are discouraged from becoming anything other than housewives. Also, those who choose that lifestyle are being attacked by some of the more radical feminists who feel that the female stereotype is inherently negative. I don’t think that “being a woman” and choosing a feminine lifestyle is necessarily a bad thing, but it is a very personal choice.

  3. When watching this video I felt that there were a lot of very strong opinions from these women. I liked that the lady at the end was encouraging everyone to do more research to truly understand what the movement looks like because like with anything in life, things change. I will admit that I do not know what feminism is in the 21st century and I have not done any research in order to make claims to support being for or against the movement of feminism. I hated to see that the women in the video seemed to be working against each other though and that people were being so rude to each other on both sides of the movement. I understand that there will always be a differing of opinions with any movement, but it saddens me when people are being bullied by others. Many of the comments made just seemed as though the women were a little uneducated on what they were speaking about, although without research of my own I guess I have no right to be saying this. I am just really annoyed with the stereotype that women are incompetent and I just hope that any of the women making claims for or against the movement will be well-informed so that stereotype can be overcome. I believe that both men and women are smart and strong and I just want to see opinions that are back by the intelligence that we all possess.

  4. While I agree that feminism can foster an overly aggressive attitude, I believe the women in the “women against feminism” movement are mistaken on the purpose of feminism in the 21st century. As Asha Dahya expresses, women who are feminists and women who are not need to open a conversation to support each other even if they disagree. The hostility that the feminist movement has created between women is unhealthy and contradicts the women empowerment campaign. We need both types of women to support each other through their differences instead of shaming each other for expressing their femininity in different ways.

  5. I would argue that there are multiple levels of feminism, with various levels of aggressiveness. As a man there are some feminists who are hostile to all forms of male leadership/ anything that can be related to male privilege. However, there are more feminists who are less radical and just want equal treatment and pay. The anti-male feminists can be very hard to have conversations that progress relations with both men and women who want to live a more traditional life. The spectrum of moderate feminists, unlike their aggressive counterparts, allow for dialogue and offer a sense of equality that both men and women can buy into and support.

  6. As a movement, feminism has multiple layers, each denoted by a different layer of aggressiveness on the part of those who identify with it and by the different goals each group wants to achieve. Some individuals who fight for feminism are inclined to seek reparations for past wrongs and thus are fighting for a more matriarchal society than that which currently exists. Other feminists want true egalitarianism in all aspects of culture. Additionally, there are several further variations that exist with throughout the feminist spectrum. Each phase of feminism, and each feminist, has a level of urgency and care associated with it, which may manifest as aggressiveness. People identify the entire feminist movement with the group that they have seen, thus if women have seen hyper-aggressive feminists who seek dominance in society, may be less likely to associate with the feminist movement than others exposed to other forms of feminism.

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