Posted by: lindsayhendrix12 | January 15, 2015

Emma Watson at the HeForShe Campaign 2014

In the link above is a video of the famous actress Emma Watson speaking out for feminism. In the clip, She explaining how the word was redefined for her and how she would like ours to drop the negative connection associated with it. Today, we tend to think that feminist women hate men but feminism is the focus on women having the same rights as man. It is a human rights issue. HeForShe wants to” try to galvanize as many men and boys as possible to be advocates for change.” Men and Women can and (should) be feminist.



  1. I have really enjoyed every time I have watched this video. I think Watson makes a great point saying that half the world population is made up of men and that we cannot achieve equality without the help of men. Gender equality is not just a “women’s issue” but it is a human rights issue. I think it can often seem in men’s eyes that feminists and women’s rights activists do not want the help of men but gender inequality affects all human lives and cannot be solved if we neglect involvement from half the population.

  2. Emma Watson makes a great point about the need to release men from their gender stereotypes. I think a lot of people today see feminism as a woman’s fight and a woman’s issue and they don’t see that in order to gain equality we have to work together. She mentions how if we break the cycle of men having to be dominant we then can break the cycle of women having to be submissive. I think feminism can go a long way to help fight for equality by breaking down the barriers of male stereotypes. It is like a domino effect, once we start with one then everything comes down as well. Maybe breaking male stereotypes is just the first domino.

  3. I’m really glad someone brought this up. I’ve been following Emma Watson’s career for a while now, and I was so moved by the #HeforShe campaign. Beyond the point of wanting gender equality by not my lowering the men to more unequal standards, but instead by lifting women up to the norm of equality that men hold, generally speaking. Beyond her passion as a feminist, what I really find interesting is how society interprets her actions as she once was a ‘child star.’ Beyond the lime light, she has continued her education with her degree last year at Brown University and how building her HeforShe campaign. However, she’s still looked at as a mere ‘sex symbol,’ as discussed with her once co-star Daniel Radcliffe. In an interview Daniel was questioned how he is going to transition into more adult, ‘unconventional’ roles as he’s looked at still as Harry Potter. His response followed that society doesn’t have a hard time sexualizing Emma however. I found his point really profound, that behind the same films for over a decade, the results in how they are now perceived, regardless of individual accomplishments, is somehow skewed. I can’t help but to wonder how much of role gender really plays into this impression of women and men based on sexualization?

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