Posted by: jordanmassey12 | January 15, 2015


I just found this really interesting quote while browsing through my blog:

“Supporting strong women doesn’t mean taking strength away from men. It’s teaching young girls that, like young men, they can do and achieve anything they apply themselves to. It is giving your daughters the same strength and love that you give your sons.”

I liked this take on feminism a lot and think it is an important idea to keep in mind when discussing feminism.

The link to the original post by the-daily-feminist is below:


  1. This quote is a great representation of what feminism should be in using it for equality purposes. It is encouraging that people are beginning to frame women’s roles as parallel to men, rather than less worthy. However, there are biological differences between raising male and female children, and it is hard to make the assumption that both gendered children should be raised in the same manner. Do you believe that encouraging and raising both genders of children in an identical manner is beneficial to the development of the child, or would it end up being detrimental to the children to overlook these differences?

  2. I really like this quote and I feel like it’s a good summary of what the feminist movement needs to represent. Some women believe we have actually achieved true equality, which is very clearly untrue. Women are given different expectations than men and are often harassed and seen as ignorant or sex symbols, despite their merit or efforts to be seen as equals. On the other side of the spectrum, some feminists tend to fight for more rights than even men have, or at least that’s how some people see it. I think it’s important to stress the importance of equality and fairness rather than elevating one gender more than another. That is the only way that men and women will both be able to live happily and without any gender-related conflict.

  3. I think this quote illustrates how true feminist feel about women’s rights. Society tends to take this cynical view of feminism and make it this evil, man-hating cause when clearly that is not the truth about feminism. Media constantly misconstrues feminist by using radical followers who give an unfair and wrong impressions about feminism. On the topic of how to raise children, people should try to treat their kids as equally as possible and allow children to explore the world and decide for themselves whether they want to play with dolls or toy cars.

  4. I think this is an interesting take on feminism and the women’s rights movement. I would agree that it is important to teach both genders that they can achieve their dreams through hard work and application despite their sex. The difficult part is creating a balance between strong men and strong women and balancing who holds the power. Currently, more men hold power than women, so we would have to take away the men’s power to give it to women and to see equality. I think that this quote recognizes that equality will not occur today or tomorrow but is something that will take time, To achieve equality, we must change society’s constructions of gender and this will not happen overnight. A change in society can only occur through a revolutionary education of young children. An education which clearly allows equality between men and women and a freedom from the constrictions of gender.

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