Posted by: caroladougherty | January 15, 2015

Gender Roles Video and Song

I found an article once when scrolling through Buzzfeed articles which led me to this video.  This video may be a little intense and dramatic, but the video does a great job of showing spreading a deep message about the pressure society puts on individuals to adhere to gender roles.  In this video, the females and males are shown adhering to strict gender roles and when the two main characters step out of the comfort zone of the others around them, they are shunned from their social circle.  It clearly recognizes that gender is a social construct developed by society as it compares following gender stereotypes to “playing our little game.”  Near the end of the video, the female takes pink paint and the male takes blue paint.  When they shake hands and the two paints meet, suddenly the whole video changes.  In the view of this artist, gender roles are a bondage imprisoning our lives.  Only when we are stripped of our gender roles can we truly celebrate and be free.


  1. I thought this was super creepy, but it did a good job of showing the dangers of breaking gender stereotypes that children and teenagers can face. People can undergo so much judgement or bullying if they are seen doing something outside of the norm for their particular gender. I know I’m definitely guilty of being surprised or confused by seeing a young boy playing with dolls or a young girl riding a dirtbike, but I want to break free of these ridiculous expectations. I hope that in the future, I will be able to lose the gender stereotypes that I subconsciously have and hopefully I’ll be able to teach my children and grandchildren that those stereotypes are unrealistic and unnecessary.

  2. I found this video to be refreshing in it’s honesty in the portrayal of societal expectations of men and women. The men were portrayed in the manliest way covered head to toe in blue, surrounded by masculine items such as boxing gloves and action figures. The women were portrayed with perfect heavy makeup in skirts and heels, putting on makeup or doing ballet. These societal constraints I find to be ridiculous and blatantly wrong. I feel as if both women and men should be able to choose where they fall within or without the societal expectations. But I often find people will conform to societal expectations or completely deny they exist while still perpetuating the stereotypes for men and women. This video was so blunt in exposing that fact. I thought it was so heartwarming to see in the end the combination of the blue and pink, of the men and women breaking societal expectations and being who they want. I think the video has a very straightforward message and I am honestly surprised that I hadn’t seen the video before. I am glad I saw it.

  3. I think that this video does a good job of showing how strict our society can be about holding gender stereotypes. When the boy and girl are trying to escape from those stereotypes it is showing that is hard for both genders to release themselves from what society is thinking of as the norm. As we talked about in class on the reading from Chapters 2 and 11 in Kellerman and Rhode’s Women and Leadership, the stereotypes put on women and the attribution of certain traits to them can lead women to act in a way that they may not normally act. This puts pressure on women to act in a way that enforces the traits and skills attributed to women even if they would not act this way on their own. In Chapter 11, Heifetz states that women do not know what men will be giving up in order for stereotypes to be broken and for women to be seen in a more equal light when it comes to leadership. This statement bugged me a little when thinking that the statement made women seem incompetent. But I do think that this shows that the study of Women and Leadership is hard for both sexes to know where to find a balance. I think this video did a good job of showing that both men and women are struggling with the stereotypes and the gender roles that society has presented.

  4. This video was very interesting and highlighted some great points. Kids, and really men and women of all ages, are seen as outcasts when they choose to go against what society has predetermined to be acceptable for women and men. The video also highlights the stereotypical roles and perceptions of how females and males should act and look. The video portrays that only by taking away gender barriers can there be freedom, but I wonder that if we make being the typical stereotypes into something bad will we hurt girls who like pink? Will we make guys who are into sports afraid to say so? The video seemed to make it negative that the girls were following their typical stereotype. I think we have to be careful to not make anyone feel bad for how they choose to express themselves. I think by promoting acceptance for anyone whether they like ballet or they like sports would help more than making girls feel bad for liking pink and guys feel bad for liking blue.

  5. I love this video! I think it does a great job of showing how gender stereotypes constrain us as individuals. I especially enjoyed the different, dark space where the stereotypes are revealed for their destructive nature. This part shows that the molds we try to place boys and girls in actually destroy their creative capabilities. When they are released from these stereotypes, they are free to be as creative and productive as possible.

  6. I think this video shows how our society expects women and men to come in these “perfect little packages”. Not everyone is the same, and everyone has a different personality/character! As a society, we cannot expect monotonous cookie cutter leaders. Where would the creativity come from?

    This video portrays how stereotypes can inhibit us as individuals. I agree with Madwheel12, there would be not creative capabilities. If we keep girl from playing sports, they would not be able to understand a male’s point of view, and if we kept a boy from taking a dance class, he would not understand a woman’s point of view. I think the importance of acceptance and diversity pushes society to understand and see other genders points of views, and new or different perspectives are offered.

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