Posted by: katelincampbell23 | January 15, 2015

Sexualizing our Youth (0:00-2:13 clip)

I think this clip, and this show, relates to our class conversation/debate on Tuesday about how we are so eager to place our youth into gender roles. The mothers of this show place their little girls in the “understood” adult female role. This is displayed through the multiple layers of make-up, spray tans, the extreme hair-dos, and extra “assets”.

I’ve never followed “Toddlers in Tiaras”. I personally don’t support the television show because I think it encourages parents to heavily influence and pressure their children into playing a certain “role”.  As a child, I believe you should be experiencing life and what interests you with the guidance and support of your parents.

I’ve been in baby pageants growing up, but my parents never put me in elaborate dresses and did my make-up, the contests were based solely on natural beauty of the child.  Not that I don’t support the “beautifying” of women, but the children are forced into a level of maturity that far exceeds their biological age.

My questions are; Is it okay to put  children in such a setting? How will this affect their adolescence and adult life?


  1. I completely agree, putting these children into a position where they are portraying how “adult women” act has the possibility of altering how they view women in the world. It has the possibility to shape these girls into women that look down on others of their sex for pursuing more than just being beautiful or pursuing a career. It also has the possibility of making these girls think that there is something wrong with them if they desire to pursue more than the typical feminine role. Children are learning from a very young age. They desire to portray what they think is how adults live their lives, i.e. games such as “playing house”. With shows such as these, it is easy for these girls to learn that being beautiful is what they are intended to achieve in life. This, in my opinion, sets the bar too low for women.

  2. It is funny to see how opinions change over the years. When I was entering my teens, I would have loved to be competing in beauty pageants. It looked so fun, glamorous, and almost unattainable. Once entering high school, however, my view shifted to real priorities. It is shame though that I and so many other young girls have spent hours staring at TV screens or pouring over magazines just longing for unrealistic ideals of beauty and femininity.
    I have a twelve year old sister back at home and I long for real and authentic role models for her to look up to not just in personal life, but portrayed in social media as well. I think the world would be changed in a big way if young girls didn’t have to put their self-esteem at risk every time they turned on the TV or walked into a clothing store.

  3. I agree with this video that girls should not be sexualized at such a young age. No little girl should have fake breasts attached to them because they don’t understand what the meaning is really behind this action. By this mother allowing, no, promoting her daughter’s sexuality as an object, she has ingrained in her daughter”s mind that in order to get ahead in life or to “win” she will need to enhance her body to the feminine standards that all women are held today by the media.

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