Posted by: mvweast | January 15, 2015

The Invisible War

Since we started our discussion on women and their leadership roles, this documentary has continued to pop into my head. I started thinking about this originally because of our assignment to interview someone in typically unfeminine roles. Women have fought for their right to join the military and become military leaders, except now that they have achieved that, there is another factor they are facing. Relating to the Great Women Theory, these women have to be strong and mentally tough in order to join the military, somewhat disproving the GWT. Not all women are sensitive; many have traits more along the lines of the Great Man Theory. With this in mind, leaders, regardless of gender, can have traits from either GMT or GWT.


  1. The Great Women Theory is a MAJOR disadvantage for military women to model after. The Great Women Theory puts a heavy emphasis on stereotypical feminine traits(i.e. communal and inclusive). Such emphasis can be detrimental when it comes to women breaking away from the status quo of carrying out traditionally feminine traits because it puts women in a vulnerable position. By this I mean that the emphasis the Great Women Theory puts on feminine traits, discourages women who take a more masculine approach to leading. This discouragement essentially leads women towards accepting their inferior role in the male-dominated, military field.

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