Posted by: sarahtroxel12 | January 15, 2015

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

One of the biggest takeaways from discussing the topic of Women and Leadership is how the majority of society thinks of the concept as black and white. When anything is brought up to discussion, there are always only two sides. What’s amazing with every argument is that both sides thinks they’re right and the other is wrong. When asked the question, “Why should women lead?” my answer was because they bring a different dynamic to the table. Women have innate qualities in them to be compassionate, nurturing, and kind, because that’s what you need for motherhood, it’s just biological and hormonal. What people don’t tend to think about is when a mother gets mad at her child for doing the wrong thing or when someone tries to hurt their child. Women can be just as aggressive and dominant about something as men can. There’s a blur here in the argument. Yes, stereotypically women are gentle and men are aggressive. Do you want a leader who is entirely aggressive with no care about your well-being? No? Me neither. How about a leader who is so concerned with your feelings that nothing ever gets done and they end up bothering you with their love and care? Yeah, no to that one too. Everyone wants the leader who has both qualities because that just makes sense! So why can’t we all just be friends and make that happen? Let’s educate on the Great Leadership Theory. On how to be a great leader regardless of race, gender, age. Let’s combine our great ideas and life experiences to make sure our followers are satisfied. Because isn’t that what makes a leader in the first place?


  1. I believe that a Great Leadership Theory sounds like it would make the most sense in finding the qualities and traits that would make a leader most successful. I think this would make a wave in leadership as we see it now and that it would provide a new section in the field of leadership for there to be an abundance of research and study. A Great Leadership Theory would provide steps in blurring the divide that is placed between the skills of women and men. I believe that it is hard to stop looking at leadership and things in life as white or black and not gray. As I find myself thinking about things on a daily basis, I have noticed that most things that I see are placed into two different categories. Although I am not proud of the fact that I see things in that way, I think it is just simpler for our brains to process the information. It becomes confusing when trying to think of things in a way that doesn’t place a divide; it makes for an overlapping of information that is hard to categorize. It may be that the hope we have to eradicate the divide will be in the hands of the younger generations. A partner and I were talking in class the other day about how there will always be the influence of parents and grandparents and the experiences they have been through and the stories and values they have passed down. As we have generations that are moving further away from the experiences of having a great divide in how we see men and women, then hopefully things will not be seen in a black or white fashion. I do not believe that this issue of seeing things in just two categories will ever truly subside because I think it will always be present in how we are raised in some capacity, I would hope that it will not be quite as apparent. In the future I hope that we can see someone as a “Leader,” not strictly as a Women Leader or a Man Leader.

  2. I think that the Great Leadership Theory is a fantastic idea! I allows leadership to be viewed in a way that doesn’t involve gender bias. But focuses on traits that are ideal in a leader, a person that we would want to be our leader. It paves the way for equal opportunity for women and men without making it a huge battle between the sexes.

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