Posted by: kathleenjustis12 | January 15, 2015

Women’s rights-A global perspective

When considering women’s rights, it is important to look beyond a purely national perspective, and compare the different rights of women within various countries.  When going he through the slideshow (visible within the link posted above) the lack of literacy and the unequal representation of women within other countries in government is shocking, especially when compared to the United States.  This is even more surprising when it is considered that, withing the United States, power is strongly concentrated within the patriarchy.  Global human rights and women’s rights are important, but the cultural values and mores in any society being compared must also be considered when discussing the aforementioned topics.  How do regional considerations and expectations of human rights effect global considerations of women’s rights? Additionally, how may these be considered in the future, when dealing with Middle Eastern nations like Jordan or Iran?

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