Posted by: erikam12 | January 16, 2015

Is there any middle ground?

In relation to the discussion that we had in class today about children’s toys and making them gender neutral versus geared towards a specific gender, I thought about the toys that I played with as a child.  I personally enjoyed barbies, and using the shopping cart, and playing with baby dolls.  These discussions have made me look at my childhood games in a new light. I believe that it is okay for a little girl to desire a pink dress and a barbie doll but I also believe that it is okay for her to want the opposite, such as the engineering set shown in a clip in class.  My question and concern is that in the search for gender equality and neutrality, will we as a society eliminate everything that makes the genders’ unique? Also, in the process of overcorrecting this issue, will we make children feel bad for wanting items that conform to their specific gender stereotype? Is there any middle ground?


  1. I had this same question and concern in class. We can’t exactly be totally “gender blind”, very much like we can’t be totally “color blind”. I believe this middle ground can be achieved and society needs to adopt a mentality of “it’s okay, whatever it is”.

  2. I think if we don’t put as much pressure on children to choose or feel bad about which one they choose that should be the middle ground. We as a society should not judge and just accept what people want.

  3. This is a great point to bring up! I have often thought about how gender equality would affect our society expectations of one another. I too enjoyed playing with dolls and dressing up when I was little. When someone is that young we do exactly what brings us enjoyment and we don’t base our decisions on other people’s opinions or expectations. So therefore can’t we say that we have an innate sense of who we are as a gender from birth? If we put so much pressure on gender neutrality or equality I believe that the pressure put upon girls especially will cause them to feel conflicted about natural feelings that they are experiencing.

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