Posted by: katelincampbell23 | January 21, 2015

Breaking the Perfect “Mold”

Not only do I love Colbie Caillat and her music, but really like this music video and the message behind it.  Colbie Caillat is encouraging women, of all ages, to freely express themselves.  I find it interesting that this music video is geared towards the outer beauty quality of females. “Take your make-up off, let your hair down”-Caillat is telling society that it’s okay to be naturally who you are. Us women shouldn’t conform to this “perfect mold” society and the media tells women they need to look like or act like.  Not everyone is the same, and each one of us has our own unique qualities.

I think this music video goes deeper than feminine beauty, I think it encourages both males and females to not be embarrassed of who they are.  Women conform to feminine qualities because society pressures them to, men conform to masculine qualities because society pressures them to.  Especially in leadership roles, men and women feel  like they have a certain mold they need to fit.  Some women may have masculine traits in a leadership role, such as being assertive and authorotative, and the same is for men!  Some men may express feminine qualities as a leader, showing emotion or openly talking to a employee about an issue.  Similar to my remark on beauty, not everyone is the same.  Even in the work place, leaders lead differently.  Similarly, men and women have leadership qualities that do not always fit the “perfect mold”.


  1. I completely agree. Society has taught women a certain look they have to have and that if you don’t have that look you are not going to fit in or be well liked. And we voice that we do not appreciate that. I think men should stand up and voice their opinion on their gender roles. We have no idea if they want out or if they like their given roles. I believe women just voice their opinion louder and that’s why we get the bad rep of “feminism”.

  2. I had never seen this music video, but I definitely agree that women are held to a much higher standard when it comes to physical appearance in society. Women who don’t choose to wear makeup or do their hair are seen as unattractive or sometimes even “butch” or “manly” if they are not particularly attractive people. However, women who are naturally very beautiful are praised for being brave enough to go out without makeup or without nicely done hair. A woman’s worth in society often depends on whether men or other women find her physically appealing. It’s really discouraging to know that, as I grow older and more unattractive, my worth in American culture will decline as well.

  3. I love the message of this song and music video. There are a lot of societal pressures that dictate what a woman should look like and how she should act. When applied to leadership it is clear to see that women are expected to act with agentic characteristics but also be nurturing and caring. We as a society have expectations for women and we downgrade them and dismiss them when they don’t meet our expectations. This video does a great job of shedding light to the fact that not everyone fits a certain mold and we shouldn’t be expected to try and make ourselves fit into that mold. Differences in leadership styles and opinions are what make great ideas come about so why is it that we still want women to be a certain way when they are in a leadership role?I also like your point about including men in this as well. It isn’t only about women not having to fit in a mold but also men. Men have to find a way into the conversation of women and leadership; they have a mold that they are put into as well and that could be a point of agreement to help bring men and women in on the discussion.

  4. I agree with this video. I love it’s message that women don’t have to fit the unrealistic ideals and standards that society sets for them through gender roles and expectations. For young women to know that they don’t have to wear make-up and dress a certain way in other they don’t have to be sexualized, is empowering. They as women, as all women should focus on what is on the inside and better your soul and mind.

  5. I am so glad someone posted this music video. I definitely agree with the fact that there are these unrealistic standard for men and women both to live up to. In relation to the song and the artist, I appreciate the singer showing her bare face at the end. Although it’s a simple act, the message became more profound in part due to her ‘celebrity’ status. When one really thinks about media, the industry of Hollywood has created a perception of women to be glamorous with full hair and makeup done always. When society sees celebrity women with out the hair and makeup fully done, it almost resembles these women taking off their ‘superficial’ mask and being ‘real.’ Alluding back to leadership and women, this mask of superficially of makeup and fixed up hair unfortunately has a stigma of being fake and not sincere regardless of who the woman truly is. Although I love this video and appreciate the meaning of being accepted as the individual of which you are, symbolizing that through no hair or makeup being done is really who you are and not needing to prove that to anyone else maybe could be perceived without the emphasis on cosmetics. Similarly with men, men being shown with perhaps their suit and tie shouldn’t be emphasis that they are being truly themselves in that aspect. Regardless of that, the message that men and women both face hindrances in the leadership field definitely holds true through gender and there should be more focus on accepting people as an individual in the leadership field instead of what gender that person is.

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