Posted by: lindseytate22 | January 17, 2016


One of the many things that stuck out to me when I was applying to colleges during my junior year of high school was this idea that Christopher Newport University had what they called a “President’s Leadership Program.” Having not heard of that type of program, I was instantly interested. Once I had made the decision to come to CNU and apply for the program, I began reading through the many pamphlets, brochures and online articles was assured me of the great opportunity it would be to be in this program. That was a little over 3 years ago.

Fast forward to now.

We’ve been in the program for six semesters and that is something I find hard to believe. Although sometimes tedious and dry, I have gained an exponential amount of knowledge from this experience. Not only have the professors been challenging and insightful, but the topic itself, although widely complex, has helped given me a better understanding of leadership as a study, a way of thinking and a mindset. The real question is…how have we applied that knowledge and experience to ourselves as women, as men and as overall leaders and how are going to use the knowledge we’ve gained to become a generation of growth, substance and positive change. 

In relation to all of this, I got to thinking the other day about what CNU means when they say “Man The Ship.” Yes, you’ve seen that phrase on t-shirts and/or anything promoting school spirit. But, I got to thinking about how that phrase applies to leadership and more specifically women, WO-MANing our OWN ship. Think about it. We are the leaders (women and men) -the ones in charge and in control – and the ship is our life, our story, our campus, our future, our now. Are we as leaders and students doing ourselves and CNU justice by being the best we can be?

I’d like to think that I am learning to WO(MAN) my own ship. I believe that PLP has given my that confidence and ability to do so. Each day I’m growing into a woman that I have always strived to become – one of honesty, respect, integrity and value. My hope throughout the semester that this class continues to help me achieve this goal.



  1. One of my favorite saying here at CNU has been “Manning the Ship” and I think a lot of people either take it for granite, or don’t fully understand what it means. When people saying manning in this sense, the definition means to work unyielding until your task is completed. My parents always taught me to never stop working towards your goals until you have surpassed all possible expectations.
    Which is very relevant for our class and equality in itself. As people for equality, we should never submit or yield until what is right becomes what is normal.

    Another great quote about this is the Invictus poem from Nelson Mandela, explaining how he is the master of his own fate and the captain of his own soul.

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