Posted by: mollywelsh13 | January 18, 2016


Every time I watch this video I crack up. But then I realize how uncomfortably true it is.

I thought about this video while reading “An Unsung Military Heroine” last week. The author discusses how the media treated the women astronauts. The press called the women in the training program at NASA “astronettes” and gave their physical measurements in articles. They overall just didn’t take them seriously as astronauts.

Because we are women, we are judged based on our femininity. Not our talents, intelligence, or determination. We talk about gender biases and expectations, and how they could possibly be useful, but why is the media and corporate America so resilient towards seeing individuals as who they are regardless of gender? I want someone to judge me based on my mind, heart and actions. I think its ridiculous that society somehow believes that women care more about appearance (as if my brothers wouldn’t take 45 minutes to get dressed in the morning) or that women are single-minded about relationships, like we’re some simple creature that only thinks about boys and romance novels.

Why is this? Women have always had depth and incredible minds, far past fashion and dating. So what caused this nauseating, degrading stereotype?


  1. That’s a great question! I don’t know.

  2. I had the same thoughts when reading “the unsung military hero” article. It is amazing to me that when a business person or leader does something wonderful in the news, and just happens to be a woman, that it suddenly turns into a gender thing. “First WOMEN astronauts” or “BusinessWOMAN earns CEO position”. It can never be just about their amazing accomplishments, the reason they get recognized is because they are women completing these tasks, as if that is surprising to the world. I think true equality will be reached when we don’t feel the need to include race or ethnicity, gender, or age when describing some amazing accomplishments in the headlines.
    -Abbey Yoder

  3. I thought this video was hilarious initially, until I realized how alarmingly true it is. The media is very good at making passing comments about females, but if the same comments were made to males, then they would not be taken so lightly. It was interesting to watch how the males became defensive when asked about physical appearance instead of their performances as athletes, yet the young woman simply laughed off the comment about her outfit. The media needs to shift its focus to being about athletic ability instead of what females are wearing or how their bodies look.

  4. A similar thing happens with women in film, television, or music at award shows. Instead of asking how they feel about their accomplishments or the spotlight, interviewers ask who designed their outfit. Women are often treated as eye candy rather than intellectuals.

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