Posted by: katrinaasher13 | January 18, 2016


This video explains what a schema is.  Schema is frame work that gives people a way to remember and categorize the different stimuli we encounter everyday as a way to avoid overloading our senses.  However, if given the wrong context or the wrong information it is hard to put something in a category.  Schema’s also helps people communicate with others.  It can be used to teach a child the difference between colors, shapes, and the difference between right and wrong.  Schema’s are used communicate concepts and ideas in this fashion.


  1. I really like that you shared this topic because as the video said in the processing of learning, the act of remembering what we are perceiving takes place in the first few seconds. I think this is extremely relevant because one possible explanations of how diverse our opinions are could come from our experiences in relation to this topic and how we remembered things that we came in contact with. As a psychology major, I’ve learned a lot about schemas and I’m always interested in knowing how different subjects blend these types of topics together.

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