Posted by: devinvriley | January 19, 2016


Yes this video is meant to be funny, but it tells the sad truth of the standard women are held to in our present day society.  Amy Schumer is a comedian who has done much for the female cause.  In this parody music video she is told by a boy band that she is beautiful and dose not need makeup.  However, after she removes her makeup they change there mind and immediately instruct her to put in back on.  Men claim to like women who look natural, but they do not realize what that is.  To be liked and successful as a women one needs to be pleasing to the eye.  Some of the lyrics in the video include “with a little bit of mascara you will look female” and “wake up an hour earlier and you can make yourself look much girly-er.”  There is a double standard women are held to in society.  By the end of the video she looks like a clown because she is wearing so much makeup.  No one would ever tell a man he needs to wear makeup to cover his imperfections.  Amy Schumer often challenges gender roles as she recently did in her hit movie Train Wreck.  In the movie she portrays a women who is originally only interested in one night stands, a common male role.  I really like Amy Schumer and I am glad she continues to release content that sparks controversy and gets people talking about gender.


  1. I love Amy Schumer as well. I feel that her satirical, down-to-earth personality is a good kick in the gut that we all need sometimes when it comes to a lot of women’s issues. I remember the first time I saw one of her videos, I laughed for a very long time, but was then perplexed by the issue she presented for even more time. At least from my life experiences, this is not what usually happens after a comedian makes a joke. Here is that video, a music video for “Milk, Milk, Lemonade”: which is a funny interpretation of a woman’s anatomy. I hope Amy Schumer will continue to address these hot topic issues and make people laugh in the process.

  2. I think gets to the point where the stereotypes become harmful. We discussed in class how it is impossible to stop them, however when they go so far as to say you only look like a woman when you wear makeup, it becomes an issues. Stereotypes themselves are not necessarily the problem, it is when the stereotype is forced upon the group that harm is done. This standard that women should wear makeup and look feminine to look their part should not exist, as there is so much diversity of wants and likes within the female population. Wearing gender does not ever fall into one nice and neat box. -Abbey Yoder

  3. The link above illustrates exactly what you are getting at which I happen to also think is an issue: the inequality of gender roles. This video addresses the language barrier that has been constructed to insulate women and keep them quiet and feminine. This video, although controversial gets at the bigger problem. Thanks for sharing!!

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