Posted by: ryandensley17 | January 19, 2016

Am I a Feminist?

After recently having a conversation with a friend about feminism, I decided to do some research and learn more about what I believed exactly. I learned the waves of feminism and the types of feminism; for something that could be so simple, it seems like a lot of people make it harder then it needs to be. Do you believe women and men are equal? Well, yeah, why wouldn’t they be? Then you are a feminist. We could go a little deeper and say, so if they are equal then a woman should earn the same wage for the same job as a man. We could say anything a woman is capable of accomplishing, then no one should stand in her way. We also could say, if both are equal, then both can own land, inherit land, handle money, and check a box for the candidate they would like. Maybe I grew up sheltered, maybe my mom just did a really good job raising me, but I think I become confused when people disagree with the points that I made above. My thought process may be simplistic but it gets to the point. Who is the one being difficult, society that has gendered women into a certain check box or feminists who have what they started out for and now demand more.

If you want to know more, especially regarding feminism today, you should check this article out:


  1. I agree with this completely!! When I wrote a paper on feminism my freshman year, I sent out a survey to my hallmates asking them what their definition of feminism was…theirs were a lot more complicated than what they needed to be, and very few of them identified as feminists.

  2. I really really like the way you simplified what feminism really is. If more people saw and thought of this definition when they thought about feminism I think many MANY more people would define themselves as feminists. People tend to over-complicate things so I think if everyone can just take a step back and look at issues like this in the most simple form then there would be much less discrimination or bias toward any group of people, not just women.

  3. I was raised in a house that promoted equality as well (which makes sense since we’re 4 females to 1 male), and I agree that I’m rather appalled when someone believes sex dictates the extent of ability rather than effort or training.

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