Posted by: rkomornik | January 19, 2016

Social Media Self Aware

I wasn’t sure why but following some of the classes very first discussions I started to notice certain videos on Facebook. Be it a coincidence or not, feminist social media videos from sites like buzzfeed and attn filled my timeline. It’s possible that I’m just now becoming aware of the presence of feminist videos highlighting the inequality modern women face. The true and hard to admit thing is that maybe, before I simply wrote them off as extremist feminist rants. The one you all might like to examine discusses the”pink tax” women are subjected to when making purchases. From many of our readings so far we have seen how more times than not women are the majority household spender, so why aren’t we making the decision to just buy the “guys” razor? Why do gendered things make us feel comfortable even though we know we’re spending too much or they are less quality products?


  1. I’ve questioned this “pink tax” often and constantly wonder why I should have to pay more for the exact same thing that men buy. There are times I wish I could force myself to purchase body wash “for men” or the “men’s” razors but there is a push-pull situation that I feel when in those situations (I’m compelled to buy the pretty, girly things rather than the cheaper and equally as effective products that men have). As a society we do not like to gender people and certain things, but we will purchase gendered things because that is what we are comfortable and secure doing since we have participated in the acts for such a long period of time

  2. This is a very interesting topic, especially since about 25% of women and about 75% of men are probably completely unaware of it. Most men would only realize when it came time to buy gifts for female family or friends. If people do not believe in the pink tax, just go to google and type in women’s shampoo and men’s shampoo in another tap. Women have to spend about 40 dollars for something men would only have to pay about 10.

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