Posted by: elizabethjoseph13 | January 19, 2016

Women as Managers

When reading the article for today, it struck me how lucky I must have been in my life with the role models I have and the women I have met. In my current job at IBM (a Fortune 500 company) my team leader, my manager, and the CEO are all women. Also, over the summer, I was able to attend a conference for women in the technical field. This provided me with an amazing opportunity to listen to women of all different backgrounds describe how they got to the managerial positions they were in. This was interesting to think about in comparison with the articles which stated that many women couldn’t or didn’t achieve such positions. Of course, it varies from company to company but all the primary roles I’ve seen have been filled by women.

Another example is the company my mother works for. Its founder and president is a woman with a stay-at-home husband. I think if people in general could focus more on removing gender stereotypes this could help dramatically increase the number of women in higher level positions. If it is automatically assumed that a woman with children will not be able to be as available as a man, then of course they aren’t going to get hired. If managers would focus more on a person’s (I say person, not just woman) skill, then the right person will be hired for the job, regardless of whether they are male or female and may or may not have a family.

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