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Women & Home Businesses

In one of our readings earlier in the semester it was said that after a long time period of time not being taken seriously in their workplace or just tired of not moving up the ranks when they should, women leave to start their own businesses. While this isn’t always the case for women who have a home business, it makes me think about my own mother.

My mother worked in customer services for years when I was younger but eventually quit to be a stay-at-home mom. I think that her doing so aligns with the readings we have done. It is almost expected that women will step away from their work to raise the family. Nothing is wrong with that because that is what some women want. After a few years my mom got the itch to get back to work but lacked a degree and work experience. Her next step was to begin working for a home business company. Today she is a Director overseeing about 100 people. While she has no formal power or authority over them, she has the experience to teach them and encourage even more women (and men) to join and make a living doing something they love.

Getting to the position she has now has taken her over 5 years and she has exhausted a lot of time and energy. It is no terms “easy” to get to where she is and she still can go farther. I see her hard work every single day and I know she is happy doing it. She works for a company that is led by a husband and wife team who support their workers in every way they can (both corporate and consultants like my mom). This example of women and leadership isn’t exactly like we’ve talked about in class because it isn’t about holding a high-level position and fighting against the double bind. It does show that women (mothers, daughters, sisters, etc.) can work for companies that accommodate them and allow them to become the best leaders they can in their communities.

This is the link to my mom’s page to purchase from her. She has a Facebook page as well as a car decal to get her name out there. Home businesses  (I think) allow women to lead comfortably without pushing them to be better than men and also allows them to grow as individuals.

Scentsy – Nicole Manyen


  1. I believe that in the next decades, more and more people will in general begin to opt out. As we discussed in class, Millennials are pushing more and more to have work life balance. And technology is making it so that it is possible to basically run a company, without ever having to leave your couch. With all of these shifts, I believe home business is the next aspect that will boom, and potentially can be an excellent option for anyone, men and women, to be able to be ambitious and achieve their career goals, while still being able to be a present parent. I do always wonder though if women voluntarily opt out, or if they do it because they are forced. I would argue it is more of the second, and not because top leaders are making them leave, but I think it is because they realize that if they continue on that path, they may not be able to give as much to their family/kids as they want. Therefore, they have to make the call, to give up the career for the thing they value more- family. They shouldn’t have to make a decision between the two, but unfortunately they often do.

  2. That is awesome that your mom was able to come back to a company that supports her lifestyle and she is enjoying what she is doing. My mom did the same thing. She left work to have kids and when my youngest sister was old enough to go to school, she went back to work at a job where she makes her own hours. This way, she was able to still be a stay at home mom when her kids were home and work part time. The owner of the company is also a woman and it makes me wonder if companies that have women in the higher/highest positions are more lenient on things like having a work life balance. It is unfortunate, however, that it takes a woman being in those types of positions to give other women subordinates that kind of option. Hopefully, though, as more women leave to start their own companies, the bigger ones will see how they need to change to keep all the women on board!

  3. I know numerous women who have chosen to step down or leave a job that they dearly loved to explore their personal business side. In those examples I’ve noticed that these women are able to be more creative and expressive in how they want a company or business to be run. They’re given more control and resources to provide for their customers. I find it admirable that there is a husband and wife team in charge of the business. I think that shows commitment to not only their marriage but also to their employees and customers. They are helping to encourage their employees that they are working for people who support and care for them, something that your mom might have begun to lack in her previous job. I think it takes great courage to leave something so comfortable and venture to something completely new.

  4. In recent years there has been such an increase in the number of these types of companies which provide flexibility. I honestly think that the future will move away from the traditional 9-5 job, and this provides a huge opportunity to women who choose to work. Online companies are changing what it means to be a “stay-at-home” mom, and it is becoming more respected. If the typical mold doesn’t fit, break the mold and change the future. Great post!

  5. This is awesome!
    I not only think that home businesses are a wonderful way to stay in touch with your family, but they are also great ways to increase productivity and creativity.
    People who are happier are more productive. And without corporate constraints, home businesses are great ways to create ideas and innovate.
    I also plan on having a home business because I am a lot happier when I am at home doing my work instead of being surrounded by people or feeling pressured.
    It’s great that many women feel that this is a good outlet in case they feel that they are not improving as quickly as they would like to in their companies.

  6. I loved hearing that your mom was able to work, raise a family, and then continue to work once she felt it was time. It sounds like she got exactly what she needed when she needed it, and the ability to work from home really gives your mom the best of both worlds. I also loved hearing that the company that your mom works for is led by a husband and wife team, for I think that is very refreshing. I think it is refreshing because it shows that man and woman can work together to achieve a common goal as leaders, playing off each other as the situation progresses and changes. I think it is so important for men and women to work together rather than constantly trying to gain the upper hand one way or another. Balance and harmony is key for successful businesses and I am so happy to hear that you mom is supported by them every step of the way.

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