Posted by: travislipscomb132 | February 22, 2016


I know it is not my week to post, but I wanted to share this with you guys before class. I jamming to Disney Classics early today, you know the usual haha when I came across this song. It’s amazing how simply being aware of gender issues can open your eyes to somethings you just ignore when you’re younger.

This lyrics and video of this song is really powerful in my opinion. It gives a good visual depiction of what young women might be going through still today. She states, “If I show who I am inside, I would break my families heart.” Which is true for a lot of women today. They are taught that they aren’t supposed to be “masculine” or “manly” and they are supposed to be a perfect bride, like Mulan says. And even in the end when she removes her makeup and jewelry she smiles for a moment, and then turns away in disgust knowing that she can never be who she really is.

I just wanted to show how important this class has been to opening our eyes, especially mine, to problems I never really knew existed!


  1. Travis, I agree 100% that this class in incredibly eye-opening. I have noticed gender inequality in places I never thought to look. I have also found myself defending feminism to several of my male friends. Going back to the song, I think both men a women should ideally feel comfortable to be as masculine or as feminine as they desire. We often talk about female leaders needing to be more masculine but not too masculine. However, it is never mentioned that men would find it beneficial to be more feminine. As a society we tell people what they are supposed to be and tell them it is incorrect if they do not fill that mold. I love Mulan and how she finds love not being the perfect Chinese women, but by being herself. Society has created the expectation, so it will take society as a whole to destroy it.

  2. I see this in many cultural contexts which is interesting to me. It isn’t just a problem in Ancient China, or in Asia as a whole. This identity problem can be found everywhere. It is also interesting to me that this song doesn’t have to be just about being feminine or masculine but can be talking about any self identity someone feels they have to hide to be accepted.

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