Posted by: ryandensley17 | March 14, 2016

Hillary’s Voice…Or is it something else?

I realize that I have already posted for the week, but I saw this video on Facebook and just could not resist sharing it here.

The video highlights all of these men commenting on Hillary’s voice and I wonder to myself if it is her voice that is annoying or something else. We have talked about Hillary in class before and I just wonder if these men find her annoying because of her aggressiveness or her ambition. As the video points out, all of the other candidates are shouting into the microphone, so why do these men only have a problem/notice anything when Hillary is the one speaking?


  1. I think because of the recent class discussions we’ve had about fraudulence, this actually video made me gain respect for her. Under a lot of pressure and scrutiny she could’ve changed her speaking style since it is not being received well, but she chose to be authentic.

    I also found it humorous how the men in the video were saying it’s not about gender when I believe if you have to say so, it probably is about gender. I connected this to when we’ve talked about the differences in generations and their views on gender bias. I think this video exemplifies how older generations don’t realize when they are being sexist.

  2. I think that this video is really applicable to our class in several ways.
    Secretary Clinton speaks, like the other men speak, like President Obama speaks, to show strength, power, and confidence.
    To compare her to a nagging wife would be like comparing Sanders to a ranting grandpa, but that doesn’t happen. They are trying to discredit her and make her seem annoying instead of forceful.
    I think it has everything to do with her ambition and persistence and her gender and purpose. These things are what cause fear in the men that openly criticize her for something as mundane as her speaking voice.
    We talked about how it makes men uncomfortable to feel that a woman is more powerful or aggressive than them, but what do they want her to do as the possible future President? Whisper?

  3. I do agree that it is wrong to judge Hillary based on her gender, appearance, or race by anyone. Especially when that man compared her to his nagging wife, which was simply rude and ignorant to see on a life radio show. However, it is hard to look past the wrong doings of Hillary’s leadership in the past, and it is possible that these men were simply venting about their anger in an inappropriate way. And by any means her voice and mannerisms should be the least focused part of her leadership. Instead of harping on these issues they should focusing on the fact that she is under federal investigation for what happened in Benghazi, lied under oath during the Watergate trials, almost crashed the US health care system in 4 months during Clinton’s presidency, or never authored a signal bill during her entire term as Senator. It’s funny how people always go for personal attacks on people’s leadership instead of actually focusing on that leader’s styles or success.

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