Posted by: ryandensley17 | April 4, 2016

A good laugh

So, I am not sure why this has not come up yet, but a friend and I came across it as we were browsing recent SNL sketches. This particular one is called “This Is Not A Feminist Song,” and I think it highlights some of the issues that the Feminist issue faces today with so many faces and the inability for the movement to fit everyone’s specifications exactly. It gets to an issue we have touched on quite frequently, which is that not even all women are on the same page when it comes to what they want and what will make them feel equal to men. Obviously this is not an official post, but figured it was worth sharing and maybe we can check it out in class. If nothing else, it is a hilarious video that everyone should check out for a good laugh! The video can be seen at:


  1. While this video was very funny, it definitely touches on the issue of villainizing the term “feminist” or “feminism”. We have a very vivid image of a bra-burning, unshaven, “butch” woman who hates men when we hear the term “feminism”. I have to wonder why and how we got to this mental association when hearing the word. Is it because media have put the extremists in the spotlight for a dramatic, eye-catching story as opposed to really explaining the meaning of the movement? While I think it is happening less so today and we are becoming more okay with the term feminism/feminist, it is still a very taboo identity to associate. Even when you do associate with it, you might feel the need to explain what “type” of feminist you are. So you associate with it on some level, but still feel the need to separate and distinguish yourself from that very vivid, stereotype. Also, I think we have seen a rise in acceptance of “feminism” because stars especially, Beyonce are openly claiming this title/identity; making it more popular and acceptable. But even Beyonce talks about how she initially struggled to claim being a feminist because “people put so much on” the word, when really it is about advocating for women’s rights in the vision of men and women being equal.

  2. I thought the video was funny, yet well spoken. here is no way to create a song about how all women feel because no woman feels the exact same on any issue, not just feminism. It was fun to watch the different styles the women had though and the utter look of confusion for the man who was in the video. I think the variety of women represented demonstrated how diverse women truly are. Yet, the images of the ancestors in the feminists movement were well placed. The song tried to make an issue known to the public without being overly serious about it. I think that overall the video was a fun way to show that women don’t have to agree on anything and yet they can still respect each other and each others differences.

  3. I thought this was a funny video as well, but it still made a good point. It does seem to get harder and harder to say something publicly and not get backlash for it. It seems that in today’s society freedom of speech is starting to get ignored and criticism is becoming less constructive. This music video I think hit that point a little bit as well as the point that everyone is unique and has different struggles in life. The ending was a bit odd though how they brought a man into the song only to kick him out. Men should be a part of the conversation about equality and so he should have stayed in the song. The add that popped up before I watched the video (not everyone will see this ad) was about night quill and how Dad’s don’t take sick days. I thought that was a good ad to show in front of this type of video.

  4. That’s so crazy. We go through this class and we read about all these problems that women seem to face and the way the world perceives women, but I don’t know this video just really made me see that it is a real issue. I guess I just never really thought of other people really paying attention to it or understanding it like we do in the class, but I guess the truth is that even we don’t really understand it, at least not till it happens directly to us. Great video, and great post!

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