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The Kilroys

One of the things I loved learning about in class is the many different ways that women support women.

In the film Miss Represented, one woman brought up how women aren’t viewed as experts because they aren’t brought on television and treated as experts.  Eagly and Carli bring up the same issue in Chapter three of Wilson, and as a solution, they recommend, which takes the work out of finding qualified women.

However, we face what Keohane calls a glacial pace toward parity.  I think that there is no reason to despair.  Doesn’t it make sense, that as we approach parity, it will accelerate?  The time it takes to get one woman in an organization, will be longer than it takes to get three women in an organization, than it will to get six, and so on.  As parity approaches, it takes less time for parity to be reached.

Websites like are great ideas, and I was happy to see a theatrical organization was taking the shesource idea.  The Kilroys are  a theatre company that focuses on promoting new works by female and trans authors, because so many playwrights are male.

The Kilroys accept nominations of any play from non-males, and select the best ones, ending with a list of 53 plays, reflecting the top 7% of nominations.

This process by the Kilroys will increase women’s participation behind the stage, and make American theatre a stronger, more inclusive art-form, and help bring parity about more quickly.

Here are two write-ups about this year’s list:

And here is the list itself:

THE LIST 2015 by Title


  1. I never knew before this class how under represented women are in the behind the scenes of show business. Why are the not women writers for on the screen and stage female stories? I love that the Kilroys are doing something about it. Another good point you brought up is women helping women. For equality women have to help women. Cattiness and competition should be set aside and mentoring and teamwork should be emphasized. I like the idea of, but I don’t know how well it will work in practice. I am all for hiring qualified, but I think it is wrong to not even give qualified males a chance. If we want true equality than the process too should be equal and not favor either gender.

    • You’re totally right about giving qualified men and women an equal chance.

      But that’s the point; it has to be an equal chance.

      Right now, men have a distinct advantage in hiring, because there are more of us already in positions of power, since we benefit from inherited gender bias. Websites like shesource help reduce that advantage, by helping firms find qualified women in the hiring process.

      Firms looking to fill positions should look for equality in their applicant pool, and then hire the most qualified, regardless of background.

  2. After watching Miss Representation and having the discussions on women as directors I was pretty appalled at how our society decides to portray women, or lack thereof. The idea of a website, or as a solidified group in a community, is a great way for women to band together and support each other while society does not. The idea of putting women before men like the Kilroys do however does not seem like the right thing to do with parity in mind. Everything needs to be looked at with scrutiny just based on qualifications and disregard gender and background. Looking at things without looking at gender first might allow for more parity. Of course we need to consider having more women represented so looking a gender and qualifications us also important.

  3. It is always good to have interest groups to bring people together. Several companies and websites have started this trend of having online interest groups to help people get jobs and mentors through them. This speaks volumes to the good in the world that helps boost confidence. Of course there is some push back with interest groups. For illustration, someone in an interest group that is not as popular within that group may feel left out or uninspired by a lack of support within a group. I would like to see how the interest groups grow and the tactics they use to stay away from the negative side of interest groups.

  4. Watching Miss Representation gave me an outlook on some of the movies that they showed. I had watched and enjoyed many of the movies without giving much thought to how the women were portrayed in them. After the video pointed out how they were viewed I started to notice the same things happening in almost every tv show, commercial, and music video that i watched. The media has taken sex and amplified it as the end game for our generation. Sex is glorified and is what everyone is striving for according to the media. This approach is not healthy and needs to be changed, but until the majority of America realizes this, and sadly, I don’t ever think they will, then nothing is going to chance. Young girls are going to grow u to be sex objects and young boys will grow up idolizing them.

  5. As someone who’s obsessed with theatre, who has taken a theatre class, and has multiple friends who are theatre/music theatre majors, I can definitely vouch for the underrepresentation of women in the field. Very few shows that are directed/written/produced by women or trans individuals are represented on a large scale (nominated for Tonys, etc.). For instance 3 out of the 4 plays nominated for Best Play and 3 out of the 4 musicals nominated for Best Musical during last year’s Tony Awards were written by men. Even when you learn about theatre history, most of the great playwrights that are taught about are male, from Shakespeare to Henrik Ibsen and Anton Chekov. The Kilroys are truly doing an awesome thing, but we have a long way to go.

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