Posted by: jennaaduvall | August 24, 2016

Confessions of a bad feminist

Feminism generally has certain connotations that can make people cringe at the seemingly innocent word. It is mistaken for “man hating” and “bra burning” but very rarely recognized for its efforts in equality and fairness. The video featuring Roxane Gay pin points my exact feelings towards being a feminist, and growing into the certain roles feminists acquire. However, arguably most important is she discusses the contradictions that feminists face on a daily basis.

The past year I’ve spent time contemplating the stark contradictions I face being a woman and also being a feminist. I feel enormous pressure between things like music, outfits, and even household tasks. Continually asking myself, am I doing this because I’ve been socialized to do so? Do I resent pop music for the degrading words they use to describe women? Should I let a man buy me dinner on the first date, or do I show that I’n financially independent?

If your head isn’t spinning enough from life contradictions, then go ahead- pursue contradictions in gender equality!

The video on TED is roughly 12 minutes, but minute after minute, and second after second I realize that I share the same ideologies. Still to this day, the most valuable realization is that everyone has the RIGHT to RESPECT!


  1. I really appreciated this TED speaker and the points she raised. It is a good reminder that at our foundations, we are all individuals who do feminism, and life, uniquely. There is not a universal equation to being a perfect feminist.

  2. I also feel like a bad feminist the majority of the times because I like things like men opening the door( which I see as manners), I listen to music that I know is degrading to women, and I have said many times that I wouldn’t mind being a housewife. But I think as long as you want equality for the sexes and believe women have the right to choose what they want and don’t want to do or be treated, then you’re a good feminist. No hard stance is needed.

  3. Loved the video! I also found that my own beliefs align with a lot of what Roxane discussed in her speech. With so many different opinions on what feminism means, the best thing we can do is just define what it means for ourselves and make decisions based on what makes us feel happiest and most comfortable.

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