Posted by: kaitlyncarter30 | August 24, 2016

Women in the Media

Social media and the media in general is a huge part of today’s society. It is how we know what is going on minute by minute and it shapes the way we think of things. The media has had a negative impact on the way I think of women and leadership. It seems like no matter how hard a woman does or how well they succeed, someone will always be there to bring them down. Just these past few weeks in the media with the Olympics I saw so many posts about the women athletes’ outfits and hair style. Not how well they were preforming, but how they looked. In the media there were posts that talked about the woman’s husband or father’s career rather than the medal she just won. I understand it is all about click bait, but why aren’t we interested in the gold medal an olympian just won? Who cares if it is a man or a woman, they should all be treated as a huge accomplishment and not overshadowed by others. It makes me feel as though no matter how hard women try to succeed and overcome these barriers, there will always be something else to hold women back.


This link should take you to one of the tweets I was referring to:


  1. As someone who is not active on social media much at all, it is interesting to see this perspective on it. It does not surprise me at all (unfortunately) that the women Olympians were recognized for other things than their metals. It just goes to show how far away we really are from men and women equality.

  2. I agree with the how media continues to show that women are commented on primarily for their looks, rather than their achievements. It’s hard to change the perception of women with media and social media doing this because so many people can see it and whether they realize it or not, continue the stereotype that this is the “only” thing women are looked at for, rather than their achievements.

  3. In the media, it is rare that women are praised for their accomplishments. During the Olympics I saw many articles and pictures that described the appearance of the female athletes and not their actual performance. People spoke about things such as, hairstyles, makeup, body structures and etc. but ignored their athletic abilities and strengths that actually got them to the Olympics!

  4. I own my own business so I am constantly on social media. It is such a great tool, but it can also have negative repercussions if used in the wrong way. How sad that such an amazing tool isn’t being used to its full potential to spread encouragement and celebrate the actual accomplishments of those women… not just their country’s uniform styles,body types, or hairstyles.

  5. This may be an extreme stance, but the older I get the less I desire to use social media or intake the messages promoted by the media. If the media is constantly making people question their worth, is it a healthy tool or a destructive distraction? Female Olympians are spectacular role models and should be praised by media outlets, not torn down by petty comments from strangers.

  6. Media does make a huge impact in the way women are viewed especially in regards to leadership. Because it is something that is constantly pushed to our attention it becomes easy to adopt the way media portrays women. I believe the media can be a powerful tool in which we as a generation can change in positive ways. I don’t think it is hopeless to make these changed even though it will take some time we have already come so far in history that there is bound to hopefully be of more positive changes. I wonder what those changes will look like and what we as a generation will define on what it means to portray women in a positive way.

  7. I always remember the male tv anchor who wore the same suit for a year and nobody ever said a thing, but they criticized his female co-host. Why is his suit acceptable and her dress not?

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