Posted by: tabiam | August 25, 2016

Tabia’s Inro.

I am very excited to explore the topic of women and leadership. It is a very interesting topic and will shed light on issues that some people may be blinded by. The first reading outlined the difference between sex and gender and that is where most of the confusion comes from. Funny story… on the first day of classes I wore a black and white Puma book bag and my friends all said to me “Why do you have on a boy book bag?” I asked my friends, “Why does a boy’s book bag look like?” and they all replied “Black or a solid color with no other colors or patterns.” In that very moment I could not believe what I just heard. Apparently, I am not allowed to wear certain colors because they belong to the opposite sex….Interesting!


  1. I love how perfectly your story fits into the topics of this class! Especially in recent years, there have been debates of gender specific toys or products at stores that are just entirely unnecessary. I think the who topic and debate if very interesting.

  2. That’s funny, I just wrote my post about something similar! I saw a male wearing a backpack that a female friend of mine had in high school, and I questioned why he was wearing a “girl’s backpack.” I immediately corrected myself in my head saying that he can wear any backpack he wants, but I think it’s crazy how much our viewpoints are formed by societal norms and constructs as to what is acceptable among genders.

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