Posted by: ccbartholomew | August 25, 2016

USA and Women

After reading the intro and chapter 1 of Wilson, I thought that it was interesting how women in the United States are still behind in political representation, being ranked 67th in the world. I find that interesting because we are so prominent in the world and so many other countries look to us. What does it mean for women when the most power nation in the world does not have equal representation for women? And what’s more, what does it mean that it’s not even in the top ten, but rather the 67th?


  1. What strikes me more is that woman make up half of the nation’s population, but women are so underrepresented in Congress. Women make up 50.9% of the population, but about 14% of congress. It is not equal representation of the nation right now.

  2. I definitely agree with you on this. I find it so interesting that in the US we consider ourselves so ahead of the world, so advanced, so… free, and yet when it comes to women in congress/politics we are so behind. I cannot help but wonder at the reasons for our ignorance, and our abysmal ranking.

  3. One of my favorite lines is those who should run for office are smart enough to say no. What if women are actively choosing not to run because they do not want the public spotlight?

  4. What’s always frustrated me about women’s lack of representation in Congress is that we have lots of men and very few women debating laws that strictly affect women (such as with birth control being covered by insurance or abortion). Men get to have an opinion on, and make laws about, topics that don’t even concern them at all, and women (who make up the majority of the population) are expected to follow whatever these (mostly) men have come up with.

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