Posted by: rachelchung14cnu | August 27, 2016

Rachel’s Intro: Strength in Femininity

From my interpretation in regards to the readings we have done so far in class is that some of these authors seem to be implying  an equality and leadership that encourages women to take on qualities of men in order to become considered of equal power in our society. I believe that the differences between men and women are needed and powerful in their own ways. In a lot of cases our society tends to see femininity as a weak characteristic and an unnecessary component for leadership. I believe there is a strength in femininity that makes women powerful and different but also does not mean unequal to men. Both genders are of equal value and purpose. I believe in leadership it is important to take note of these differences in a way that does not devalue one gender from another. I honestly still don’t have a full definition on what it means to be feminine but as a woman I believe that it is something of importance and not just a word to be lost in the midst of leadership. So I am excited to discover more in this class what it means to be a leader as a woman.


  1. I agree with you completely. People automatically associate leadership with males and masculine traits; however, women as leaders bring forth many new values, attitudes, and ideas that males leaders lack. It is necessary to recognize women as leaders who have all faced a much more difficult passage to leadership than males.

  2. I completely agree with this. I do not understand why there are some women who are offended by the idea of being seen as different from men. I feel like not wanting to be seen as different from men is completely devaluing being a woman. According to this mentality, in order to be equal to men women have to be like men. If we eliminate differences between men and women then aren’t we just accepting this bogus idea that men are superior to women?

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