Posted by: aclcoburn | August 29, 2016

Do I discriminate against myself?

The further we delve into the topic of women and leadership, I am confronted with the unsettling realization that I often discriminate against women. The societal double-standards that are easily recognizable and detestable are the same standards that I often hold women to. I am acutely aware of the societal pressures and cultural norms that women have to defy in order to attain leadership positions, and while I am upset by them, I’m not sure how I help women in general defy them. Do I have the qualities that society, and I myself, deem as leadership material? Do I believe that men are naturally better leaders because of biology or because my subconscious prejudices are shaped by men because they have historically been the traditional leaders? Am I subconsciously discriminating against women, and therefore muddying up my own labyrinth?


  1. I relate to your thoughts. I find that, though I don’t want to be like this, I succumb to silly, outdated, standards for women. I can sometimes find women who are seemingly aggressive unappealing and “masculine.” Why do I do this? Why is being seemingly masculine a bad thing? Can masculine be feminine?

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