Posted by: livhaugen | August 29, 2016

Feminism vs. Womanism

In a sociology class I am currently in, we are talking about feminism and the emergence of Womanism. Though the Feminine Mystique, which we’ve talked about in this LDSP class, was progressive and enlightening, its sentiments were not so inclusive as it may have seemed. Though this serge of feminism fought to change the societal expectation of women staying at home and not working, it ignored the fact that women were working, some minority and lower class women. Women such as these had been working, not stay at home moms because they needed the extra income.

So, the Feminine Mystique push to get women out of the house, didn’t initially apply to working class women. So, Alice Walker, an African American author, coined the term “Womanism.” Womanism is specifically geared towards acknowledging the gender-race based oppression against African American woman.

All of this to say, I thought this was an interesting perspective. It makes me think about how women come from all paths of lives and what women want is going to look differently for different women. I think it’s important to fight for all women to have a fair opportunity to design a life they desire, no matter how different desires may be.

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