Posted by: Jor's Journey | August 29, 2016

Workplace realness: I came into work this afternoon to a roar of complaints from fellow coworkers about hours being cut due to slow business. One of the senior level employees came over into our department to talk to my manager about the news. I noticed she was very angry and wanted to rant so of course I listened in on the conversation. She was trying to understand why someone like herself was getting hours cut and other employees, specifically a younger and newer employee ( who was a male) did not seem to have many alterations to their schedule. Now I am not attributing her hours being cut because she is a woman, but it did bring my thoughts to this class. I happen to know that she is a very hard worker who always speaks her mind. The male employee however never really says much, but always does what he’s asked. Was it even slightly true that there may be some gender biases or is it just work styles? Do we still deal with that today? Interesting thoughts!


  1. I think it is a combination of both. You have the problem of someone just speaks out all the time, but does her work. Or you have someone who just does his work. Typically you would see a women complain and show more emotion so the employer could be taking her speaking her mind as “female complaints”. But the work styles do seem very different. I think it would take knowing who the employeer was to really figure it out.

  2. It would be interesting to hear the official reasoning behind this decision! I’m sure that giving a quiet, more obedient employee more hours would be preferable to some, whereas others would want a hard worker who goes above and beyond around more often. It’s very likely that an outspoken female employee could be seen as “bossy”, but I would be very disappointed if the reason for her hours being cut was her personal work ethic or style. But at the same time, would it be fair to cut the male employee’s hours? It’s a difficult situation to be sure!

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