Posted by: allisonbz628 | August 29, 2016

Women Needed!

In just a few short classes, we have already begun to see the benefits and challenges behind studying women in leadership. First off, is it a good idea to study women in leadership? Or should we take the study of leadership as a whole regardless of gender and sex? Most people automatically associated leadership with males and masculine traits, so where do we draw the line?

I believe that it becomes necessary to study women in leadership because, as a matter of history, women have been discriminated and excluded from leadership positions.  We definitely are on the road to progress, but women still face many barriers to leadership. Using the metaphor by Alice Eagly and Linda Carli, women must proceed through the labyrinth in order to succeed in leadership. The idea of the concrete wall and glass ceiling has faded, but rather, the labyrinth defines the struggles and choices women face in the path towards leadership. For this reason, women need to be studied in leadership. We need to recognize the unique sacrifices and challenges women must handle in leadership. Furthermore, Marie Wilson encourages us to celebrate women in leadership because women as leaders bring forth many new values, behaviors, and ideas that men do not offer.  They are needed to help solve the world’s problems.


  1. I will say I partially agree. I think saying that glass ceilings and concrete wall do not happen anymore might be stretching it. I think that you need to recognize the importance of not only having the labyrinth but also those obstacles within it.

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