Posted by: kelsiemccrae | August 30, 2016

First Thoughts, and Looking Foward

The topics we have covered thus far in Women and Leadership have lead to me to think about my own leadership experiences.  I find it difficult to pick out specific instances where I have found myself hindered by the fact that I am a woman, be it in my education or my career.  I feel I have been privileged to have been raised in an area that is accepting and encouraging of women with ambitions, and have always been supported by my parents and teachers over the years.  As we progress, I look forward to hearing from my peers and learning from their experiences as women (and men) who are hoping to join a variety of professional fields.  How do their experiences differ from my own? What can we do to help each other succeed? I am interested to see how we can bring our own experiences and perceptions into discussions about scholarly works in order to further our understanding.


  1. Hearing stories about women being left out of or disrespected in major fields of science, I can’t help but be thankful for my own experiences. Like you, I have trouble finding specific times when my field turned against me because I am a woman. Yes, I am a woman majoring in science, and yes, I know all of the stories of women who were not so blessed (Rosalind Franklin, Emilie du Chatelet, etc.), but my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. I have had professors (male and female) support me and encourage me onward, and I feel like there is mutual respect between men and women in our classes. It doesn’t feel much like people think a person is a bad scientist because she is a woman, but rather that the merit of her work is what should be judged. It could be that we have been blessed to live in a really wonderful place and go to a school with amazing faculty and opportunities. I’m not sure either way, but I do know that I have been so blessed to be welcomed into science when others were turned away.

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