Posted by: mfelter | August 30, 2016

Redefining Femininity

With three out of my four classes centering on women/gender, this semester is rather saturated with ideas on what it means to be a woman. Throughout the Eagly and Carli reading they speak on prejudice and stereotypes. Particularly about the association of certain traits as “feminine” or “masculine,” but those associations are taught. For me, growing up with a mother who embodies far more “masculine” attributes and a father who never shied away from “feminine” qualities, the lines between those stereotypes were always blurred. I think that speaks to human’s ability to break away from the associations we are taught.


  1. Breaking away from associated qualities, social roles, and gender roles is not a hard task to do when you are looking at individuals. However, American society as a whole has a hard time understanding or comprehending when someone strays from their expected roles. In order to make these changes as a society, there needs to be more families such as yours, who are willing to teach their children that gender doesn’t always have to come with certain expectations. My family also strays from the societal norms. Both my father and my stepfather have never shied away from “feminine qualities.” In fact, both my father and stepfather are the primary cooks in our house, which, for a long time, was seen as a woman’s job. When we start to break away from these associations in our own family lives in the future, we will be teaching a new generation of people that gender specific qualities and roles are an idea of the past.

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