Posted by: ccbartholomew | August 30, 2016

Teaching Future Women Leaders

This semester, I am the VP of Development and New Member Education for Panhellenic Council. Part of my job is to train 24 women to become recruitment counselors. I have literally written a course for training them, with the help of my advisor Frank Lopez. I have 12 weeks of teaching them not only how to be effective Recruitment Counselors, but also to be effective role models and leaders. As I created my lesson plans, I never once focused on the fact that these are just women. It seems so obvious to me in the Greek Community and as a sorority woman, that we are going to have women leaders. Frank and I do mention that we are leaders for women or role models for women, but it is not our main focus. Our main focus is helping them develop their leadership abilities so they can be the best at their jobs and utilize the skills that I am teaching them for their futures in the workforce or whatever they plan on doing.

This Women and Leadership course will help me in training these 24 girls, but also to help me help change the view of women leaders. They are being trained on skill sets which have been talked about in all of my leadership classes and all the training Frank has received for his position as  a Greek advisor. But what I am trying to get at, is that my focus on these 24 women, is now just to make them “women leaders” but to make them “leaders”. I think this class is going to help remind me that I should just help train and give them the skills to be leaders in any role and remind them that in this space, they are all leaders and there are no gender biases or gender stereotypes being used against them. The only thing that matters is how capable they are at being great role models and leaders, and while it is specifically for women, this course is helping to remind me, that I need to emphasize that this training can be applicable for them in any setting.


  1. That’s really great CC! I think what you’re doing is very important, and that should be the mindset of more people. As we’ve learned in class, in organizations and businesses people do see gender in their leaders which is why it is harder for women to be successful, well-liked leaders, or to gain promotions. In society, a woman is automatically viewed as a “woman leader” which right there means she’ll have to work harder than a man to be seen as successful. I think that it’s going to take a while to change, but it starts with people like you, who are training future leaders, treating “women leaders” like leaders and no different from a man. Whether that be in your position, or school sports teams, etc. It’s also important for men (starting as boys) to see women (and girls) in leadership positions as no different from themselves in order to enact any change.

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