Posted by: Carol Elizabeth | August 30, 2016

The field to the classroom

As we’ve been talking about women in leadership and understanding the expectations and associations that come with being a woman, I started to think about my own life and where I have seen women fulfill a role that men typically occupy. Field hockey has always been a huge part of my life. Naturally, I look up to other field hockey players. Ironically, around the world, field hockey is a predominately male sport. When the USA Women’s National Field Hockey team qualified for the Olympics, I was ecstatic because I thought to myself, these bad-a** women are not only representing their country, but also their gender. (By the way, the USA men’s team did not qualify for the 2016 Olympic games). Now, I point this out because here we have women in a predominately male sport, overcoming their social expectations and showing the world that women can play hockey, too. Through this sport, I have seen so many women who are strong, assertive, and confident. These women embody qualities that are associated with men and leaders and yet, they lead their teams to victory without the help of any man. These women are caring, compassionate, helpful, and kind as well. In my experiences, women have never been anything but competent and willing to lead a group of people to success. Women all over are breaking these common associations, but I hope that women leaders remember that their “feminine qualities” should also be celebrated.


  1. Class…this is Carol’s introduction to the blog post. Please do not use it as a basis for comments this week.

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