Posted by: katherinestine13 | August 31, 2016

Chance to Choose

One idea we briefly touched on during class this week seemed to strike me more than most: women now have the chance to choose. We (at least I, personally) tend to forget and take for granted all the women who have gone before us, who have forged the way, who have hurdled over barriers and broken through glass ceilings to get us to where we are today. We have the choice to be who we want to be and do what we want to do. We even have the choice to be in positions of power, though it may be difficult to get there at times. With this choice, however, comes unforeseen consequences, such as the fact that women are now taking this opportunity to choose to sell their bodies or exploit themselves sexually. I don’t think the women who worked as hard as they did to give us the chance to choose necessarily wanted that to be a byproduct of the choice. I’m not saying all the women who make that decision are bad women, or are holding the female race back, but this does pose a problem for the advancement of women. We want to move away from being a society that sees women as sexual objects, but the women who make the choice to use their bodies as sexual objects brings us right back to where we started. I realize that women who choose to sell their bodies are probably not the largest percentage of the women who feel empowered by the movements we’ve made, but they still exist. Even still, what do we do about this? It’s not like the ability to choose can be taken away now, that would be ridiculous. Is this unforeseen consequence a good or bad thing (or neither or both)?


  1. Class…this is Katherine’s introduction to the blog post. Please do not use it as a basis for comments this week.

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