Posted by: gehr83 | October 25, 2016

Role Reversal

I recently watched a movie titled No Men Beyond This Point, which is documentary styled movie about how women gained the ability to reproduce asexually. The catch was that male children stopped being born, so the documentary follows the youngest man alive and how the world has seemingly changed. While this movie is slightly comical and satirical, it displays how when a group achieves power, they are not willing to let it go easily.

This movie can be seen to highlight the problems with white male culture of the leadership world and how unrelenting it is to women. But what would happen if women held the key leaderships in companies while men had to fight their way up the corporate ladder? How different would the American culture be, and would it represent a full 180 degree view of the society we see now? The demographics of this movie predominantly highlight white females in power and lacks diversity that is also absent from leadership in today’s society. This also seems to show some of the clashing of gender that we see in corporate culture, but women are the aggressors. It is intriguing to speculate if such a change did occur that women would move to take all of the power like men have tried to do. I think that both extremes of male and female power are detrimental to society and culture, and that there is much more to gain from power sharing.

The central idea of this indie film seems to highlight the stereotypes of feminism, and how many women are portrayed as wanting to ostracize men. While most people know that this is not the case many more would seek to highlight the phobias of those who would not know better, and incite hatred against groups that are different from themselves. While I am not a feminist, I do think that in a technologically adept society there should be equity among all genders and races.


  1. Oh my gosh hahaha! This movie seems like a hilarious joke! I think it’s one thing for women to want equal rights and opportunities that men have, but getting rid of all men would be a disaster. It seems like a way for women to run away from their problems, and a world without men would be horrible. Without men there would be no traditional sex and that creates a big issue both for natural reproduction and pleasure. Men should not be able to dominate the world and shove women into roles they are not satisfied with just because the higher roles are filled completely by men. I think having male leaders often propel women into working harder and more effectively. Their ambition and goals would seem less commendable with women being high up in companies just because there are no men to compete with. Although it is not always fair, competition usually does get better and more effective results.

  2. I think it would be really really interesting to see a world that is like this. In the documentary, were the women leader’s typical traits, those that are typical in our society? Do the women leaders still have the typical feminine character traits such as “kindness”, “motherly”, etc. If that were so it would be amazing to see how society would be. It would be a 180 degree turn like you said. I think that if society could see what the leadership would be like if it was all women and men had to climb the ladder, it wouldn’t be accepted because it would be seen as hating on men. I honestly would like to see a documentary like this one that had equality like you said. Where everyone had an equal fighting chance, or equal hardships. I honestly think that leadership should be an equalizer.

    Like you, I don’t consider myself a feminist, but I do like the idea of seeing equality in leadership positions eventually. I think that we could move that way. But I think watching this is helpful to see leadership from a different point of view. It would be a good thing for the world to see another experience in leadership and what the world would be like in a different cultural context.

  3. I want to see this movie it sounds like a good time. I wonder would there be an increase in more agentic women with fewer men around, would women take up the traditional masculine roles men do have or would they be erased. For example, they mentioned there was no longer war. It implies that is war inherently masculine are men the sole causes of it. And like you said there seems to be a lack of intersectionality. There were no women of color and instead of being dominated by heterosexual couples like most movies it seems to be the other way around. It seems to follow a very radical path of feminism where there can be no men and people are not allowed to love men or mention them. That just seems very dangerous to remove half of the population since they are no longer needed for reproductive purposes when people are more than walking incubators and DNA donators. There would be less genetic diversity, some people still would want sons, would science be going too far? It raises a lot of questions.They also seemed to have started a religion of women and seem to praise nature. There are a lot of assumptions made about how women would act if they had all the power. It seems to play off of men’s fears of women being in control. I think it would be interesting to watch and analyze. And personally I couldn’t live in this world, I like men and there would be too much estrogen to deal with.

  4. I saw this trailer from awhile ago and really was intrigued by the nature of the film. It is so difficult to imagine a world where women are in place of men in the way that this film is portraying. But even just based on this trailer I see how much value there is in having both men and women in leadership and not just one gender. There is so much value to both because both men and women have different experiences and perspectives to be shared and to learn from. In a world where there is only one dominant gender is a world that would never be able to fully function. Rather than aggressively blaming one gender there needs to be a willingness to learn and a collaboration on both parts. These are the aspects of leadership that can be shared beyond gender. Diversity in gender does play a huge role in the idea of leadership.

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