Posted by: hazen7 | October 27, 2016

To Infinity and Beyond

Do you ever find yourself just sitting back and analyzing a situation? I do, especially as an intern. My favorite part of the workday is listening to discussions, how people are talking to each other, and the tone of their voices. I love my job but it has its stresses, like most jobs do. The people I work for are brave, dedicated, and motivated to do everything they can to make sure they get the job done right. In class lately we have been discussing the different environments and ambition, and I figured this post would go right along with that. Our office has both men and women with multiple different purposes, some are support staff, some are not.  Regardless, of their job title it truly feels like one big family, we know about birthdays, personal struggles, and personal successes.  With that being said the men in the office tend to take on the big brother role. Often times they come up with nicknames and tend to pull pranks. The women, then must take on the little sister role, right? False, the women turn right around and give them a wonderful pet name right back and pull pranks probably more often than the men. The women in the office are extremely ambitious, but they also have a balanced family life. Now, because of political reasons women only recently started being recruited for jobs. For that reason most of the women lack the years of experience the men have. However, there is never any hesitation when it comes to asking the men for the opinions on how best to get promoted, or changed over to a different section. Our big boss in the office, is one of the most decorated/ experienced women in our field, and when I first met her, you knew that she was seasoned without evening hearing her say hello.

My supervisor  is a female and she works really hard to be the best but not because the men make her feel weak, or because she has something to prove, but because she loves her job. She leads from the front, she is the first one to jump on opportunities to lead different projects. More importantly, nobody pushes back on the idea of her being so type A. I think the reason for this is the work environment. We cannot fail, it is not in our hearts to do so. However, if we looked at the big picture of winning, we would be extremely discouraged. Therefore, our office focuses on the small wins. In order to win, we need everybody to pull their weight because each member has a special set of skills that we need to succeed.

Her advice to both men and women is if you find something you are truly passionate about is to hold on, take whatever beating, whatever blessings that your passion throws you and follow it to your grave.


  1. Small wins are very important and I am glad your organization focuses on them. It is good to hear about an environment that men and women are treated fairly equal. In just about any environment I am the first one to make a joke or pull a prank if appropriate. It is good to hear of a work environment that women partake and are included in the act. A lot of times we hear about those environments that only men are like that and the women are too busy to do that because they are working hard to go home to their family. I think an environment where you will spend most of your day needs to be productive and fun while including everyone in it.

  2. I think it is fascinating that you mentioned that “big brother” “little sister” aspect of your work environment. Most importantly, however, is that you mentioned how she loves her job. I can remember my parents telling me the cliche “If you love what you do you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” This really stuck with me because through my internship my passion stemmed from loving the organizations mission. My deeply rooted passion for children in need allowed me to love my job even more. One of the reasons I don’t think your supervisor gets any retaliation from people could be her attitude of loving what she does. It seems as if she has gone through many work related beatings and blessings to be where she is today!

  3. Wow, it’s really cool to hear about a work environment that functions so cohesively even with the different gender dynamics going on. Your supervisor also sounds like a really inspiring person to work with. I love getting to work with people who are super passionate about what they’re working for and you’re lucky you get to be in that environment.

  4. This work environment seems very conducive to a successful workplace. It also sounds like a small, tight-knit company. I wonder if smaller companies have less of a gender bias to deal with because of the family type atmosphere. That being said, it seems like a very neat place to work and your boss sounds like not just a great leader and a great boss but a great leader for women and men in leadership as well.

  5. Your internship sounds like a great place to be at. I think that the family dynamic that is present there has probably gotten rid of most of the bias. It seems like they have gone above the outside image and are actually looking at the individual so societies expectations have no place there. Plus if everyone there is like your supervisor and are passionate about what they do they are not going to let things that block progress thrive. That office environment sounds like it makes people work for what they love and thrive, and that is what an office should be.

  6. This sounds like a wonderful organization that has an open, receptive, supportive culture. It’s encouraging to hear that a woman leader in this role is supported and liked by her followers while still being effective. It seems that it’s less her leadership style and more the culture of her organization that allows for these small wins to be successful. I wonder if this allows her to be a more authentic leader? This sounds like a great organization though!

  7. This is really awesome- I especially loved hearing about your supervisor leading from the front. I think that a lot of women don’t feel comfortable taking charge (at least most of the women I’ve talked to) so it’s interesting to hear a personal story of someone who does. I also love hearing that your work environment is cohesive – that’s a gift.

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