Posted by: emrisko7 | November 10, 2016

It’s gonna be okay

So everyone is freaking out about the election and I’m pretty much really over it. It’s not like the possibility of Donald Trump winning sprung up out of nowhere, he’s been the presumed nominee for the Republican party for the better half of this year. He won. It is not ideal for many people, and the alternative choice of Hillary Clinton was not ideal for many people, but either way he is the president and there has to come a point where everyone decides to respect that and the decision made by a huge portion of this country to elect him. The best thing to do now is to stay actively involved and aware of politics and encourage your own politicians to carry out the policies that matter to you. I’m not going to go into all the reasons why so many responses to this election have been unacceptable and frankly quite disheartening. Instead I will focus on a reason to celebrate women in leadership, and that is that women did not lose.

Hillary lost the presidency, but 7 other women made history on election night.

Tammy Duckworth-A Senator from Illinois won against in incumbent male as a double amputee Iraq war veteran

Ilhan Omar-A Representative from Minnesota is the first Somali American to be elected to Congress and now one of the most visible Muslims in government.

Kate Brown-Elected governor of Oregon as the first openly LGBT governor.

Kamala Harris- Harris is the first black politician to represent California in the Senate and only the second black woman ever elected.

Catherine Cortez Masto- In Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto became the first Latina ever elected to the Senate.

Pramila Jayapal- Elected to the House from Washington, Jayapal is the first ever Indian-American woman elected to Congress.

Stephanie Murphy- Elected to the House from Florida, Murphy is the first Vietnamese-American woman to get elected to Congress.

Each of these women represent a huge milestone for our nation- and that’s worth celebrating!

So let’s exemplify some leadership of our own, and shine a positive light on the state of our nation. Let’s talk about the progress of women. Let’s encourage the progress of women. And hopefully one day we will all play a very active role in the progress of women. Now is not the time to focus on the problems, rather than the solutions.


  1. YES yes yes!!! I absolutely love and support your idea! We can’t change what happened, and some wouldn’t want to. Regardless, let’s celebrate the successes for the women who achieved these positions! I think sometimes we get so involved with the big scary issues we forget to celebrate the small wins. No matter how small or big they seem to be, wins are wins and I think we should but more effort into celebrating them. When we celebrate together it creates unity and an overall more positive atmosphere. With that being said let’s celebrate the women who have taken these big strides and let’s strive to make big contributions to society ourselves!

  2. I am so glad that you touched on the positives of this election! These women who also were elected just last week are opening the eyes of other women and showing that they are capable of reaching to the top and succeeding. Though we were so close to making presidential history once again in this election, there were other achievements by women set forth that many do not recognize. I love how you approached this issue and transformed it into something that can inspire other women out there. Kamala Harris is a member of my sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and to see someone who looks like me obtain this high position is definitely motivating!

  3. I love that you highlighted the positive elections that occurred on election day. Because of the focus on Trump becoming the President Elect, there has been very little coverage on the many wins women did have on that night. I do however understand why many people are really freaked out about the election and I do not think it is good to illegitimize those fears. While it is important to focus on the positives I think it is very important to strive to understand why so many people are feeling fearful. Rather than saying “it’s time to stop freaking out,” I feel like listening to & affirming those around us would be more helpful & more calming. As women leaders it is important to stand by and encourage each other — even when we don’t always fully understand each other’s fears. Trump is now a role model to the people of our country and his insensitive comments have already negatively impacted how some of the people in our country are treating each other. I agree with you though, that even in the midst of fears, we should celebrate the wins that did occur on election day & even have hopeful hearts that the next four years could be better than we have thought before.

  4. While it is a benefit that some women did achieve power from the election last week, the outcome does still have some setbacks for women. The media played a large role in this election, and also for seemingly for the first time gave more attention to a woman candidate it thought was fit to be the president. But it failed, and in conclusion of the results we have a similar profile to 43 of the other presidents that have run America. The candidates were arguably not that important this election and the focus is would a woman finally have the most important seat at the table? This is an important question because the female candidate was considered to be better because of her political resume and understanding the flow of D.C. Now, who as a woman would run in the upcoming election for president, because there are far fewer women in Washington who would have the influence of the last woman.

    So, this is a disruption to woman in leadership, because it proved the American people are not ready for women to hold so much influence over the nation. Additionally, the outcome has likely discouraged many women which is the second major problem. Women and men should continue to pursue the equity every person deserves as a human.

  5. I honestly did not even know these monumental women were running because of how much focus was given to Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. I understand that they were running for a much higher position than the women listed above, but I would still think that they deserved to be talked about. I am glad you said something about this, because it should be talked about and celebrated! It’s an awesome accomplishment for these women and all women in America. I wish that they were talked about more after the election, but sadly this is only the second time I have heard about them. So thank you!

  6. I was going to write this exact post for my initial blog post this week, but I am still glad you beat me to the punch. I also wanted to bring this up in class but we never openly talked about the election. Anyway, I am so excited to see that so many other women made history during this election. The aftermath of this election has made me question the moral state of our country. However, it is important that we recognize the many women who were elected to Congress and in other forms of government across the U.S this year. It is time to show those women respect and show them that we’re proud of their accomplishments. Although most of us were ready to see history be made as far as the presidency is concerned, I am just excited at the progress we’ve made and of the positions that these women are finding themselves in. Luckily, we only have four years of a Trump presidency and there are rumors going around that Michelle Obama is looking to run for president in 2020. Even if that is just a rumor, I hope she considers it, because that woman is the definition of competent, and to see her make history as the First Female president, would be a giant step for so many women in this country. She is a wonderful role model and I pray that she considers and ends up running in the next election. (She WOULD win by a landslide.)

  7. I agree that there was a lot of successes for women in leadership this election season. However, I do not think that the disappointment, concern and feelings of injustice over the result of the presidential election are invalid.Yes, life will move on, progress is being made, but at the same time, a set back for women arose as well. America, though seemingly progressive, proved to not actually be ready, or want, a woman to hold the top leadership position. Though what Hillary is disputed, she is unarguably qualified, experienced and intelligent. And when America had a qualified, experienced and intelligent woman as a primary candidate for president, she lost to a publicly racist, sexist and inexperienced man. Yes there are other qualities and factors, but for many people, this is what the take away was, and that is not invalid. Trump demonstrated the above qualities through much of what he said during and before the election, and America normalized and rationalized it. And to the people in which Trump threatened to kick out, ban, and perpetuated racism against, his win was a very real big deal. However, America chose Trump. There is nothing to be done now other then to root for the best and be an active participater in politics, but it is also allowed to be unsettling. A woman didn’t just loose the election to some other candidate, she lost to, according to much of America, a highly offensive, low moral standing man. That says something. It says, not only, what kind of woman will it take to be the leader of America, but what kind of man can she beat. If she can’t beat a man like Trump, who can she beat. America was not ready for a woman to be president and that is a sad reality.

  8. I really like how you focus on the positives from this election. I think you take a mind-set that many people should take after this election. While yes, women leaders may have suffered a set back in some ways, when haven’t women suffered a set back? Women face the problems of the media focusing on the wrong things for women- such as their fashion choices or their husbands…instead of them. But women still have overcome it, and were so so close to winning the election. Closer than anyone has come ever.

    While she did not win the election- America still voted her to represent the Democratic party. And that is both men and women who vote for her. While there are a number of reasons why she wasn’t elected, including that she is a woman, a lot of the reasons still have to do with her stance on certain issues and that the White House has had a democratic president for eight years.

    But I think that we do need to focus on the major wins that women leadership had. We had a gay, a Muslim, a black, etc., all women, who were chosen to represent the United States in some way or another. We may have to wait another four years for a women president or vice president. But obviously the United States is prepared for that. Otherwise they wouldn’t have even give Clinton the chance to be president in the first place. They wouldn’t have given women the chance to represent their state in the creation of laws in the first place.

  9. I really like that you emphasized the positive outcomes of the election for women. I did not know that so many different records have been broken for women in this election, and I definitely think that they should be focused on much more, because for some reason people seem to think the presidential position is the only important one.

    I think one of my main thoughts during this article, though, was the reason why people are fighting this election so much. I think everyone realized that Trump COULD have become president, but I don’t think many people actually expected it to pan out that way. Obviously watching the protests, there are certainly people who are protesting Trump himself as president. I don’t really think that’s going to change, though, and I think a lot of other people know that too.

    Of the people I know, it seems like people aren’t actually protesting Trump as a person, but rather what he stands for. However you voted, I think you have to admit that Trump has said some very inflammatory things, especially about women. Whether he meant to or not, there are people who have felt encouraged to say and do some very sexist things by his election. A lot of the people I know aren’t protesting Trump himself, but rather the fact that people would elect somebody that has said these things and seem to be completely okay with it. I really don’t want to get too political, but I do think the election will impact us, one way or another. Whether Trump himself is sexist or not, there are people in the world who now feel encouraged to be openly sexist, prejudiced, or violent against women. As a woman leader in this society, I think that we really will have to be all the more careful going forward. We may face a considerable amount of pushback; whether it will be overt or not, I’m not sure. I think there are a lot of things up in the air about this election, so we will have to wait and see what happens, I guess.

  10. I really appreciate the the outlook you have on this election. To be honest, I am very much on the same page as you. She did not win, now we need to come together as country and look united if we want to be at all successful. I really like the fact in the advancement of women leadership as they are all very, very important but often get over-shattered with “bigger” but also more negative media.

  11. I agree that there were many historic victories for women this year, but overall I have to say that I respectfully disagree with you. I’ve beens struggle to figure out how we can exemplify leadership on our own, as you stated, when that leadership is being directly contradicted by the events surrounding this election.

    How can we talk about the progress of women when we have overwhelmingly validated a man who has demeaned women? How can I explain to some of my closest friends little siblings why their classmates are telling them to pack their bags and “go back to their country” in the lunchroom? How can we comfort our friends of minority races, religions, and sexual orientation that are unsure of how they will be treated by their peers, employers, and strangers in the coming years?

    The election was surprising. Yes Donald Trump has been the Republican nominee from the beginning, but he won states that haven’t been red in years. No polls predicted it. And while I completley agree with you that there needs to be tolerance and respect no matter who won, I understand America’s surprise.

    And along wtih that surprise comes uncertainty. Everything Donald Trump did in his campaign was unprecedented, and we don’t know what to expect from a President Trump. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that people express their fears over that uncertainty, especially people who are less priviliged than any of us at CNU are.

  12. Yes, just because Hillary did not win the presidency does not negate the fact that there is progress happening within our government for women in leadership. Great strides are being made in breaking down the glass ceiling within the government. Even though it seemed that if Hillary won the presidency it would have been a symbolic picture of women in America finally breaking down the glass ceiling there is still progress happening in many different areas of life where women are being challenged for their leadership. Hopefully with the outcome of this presidency there will only be more progress rather than setbacks for women in government positions.

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