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Our First Lady

Rosemary Trible is one of the biggest role models for women at CNU and I am honestly surprised she has not come up more frequently in class. She is not only the bright, smiling face as wife of Paul Trible, our university’s President but she is founder of a foundation called Fear 2 Freedom.  The goal of Fear 2 Freedom is to provide support for women (and men) who have experienced sexual assault in their past.  They also raise money and supplies to give to be given to victims of sexual assault as they are leaving the hospital.

Fear 2 Freedom is an amazing cause, but more about the women in charge herself.  Rosemary has shared many times her experience of being raped at gunpoint, in Richmond, when she was younger.  She has since found a way to not only share her story but to support others who have been in those situations.  She has taken such a scarring and life changing event and turned it around as a support system to individuals all over the country.

Although Rosemary has led in predominantly female roles, as first lady and starting a sexual assault foundation, she has done wonders as a leader.  She has showed servant leadership in being the support for those she is leading.  Do you think Rosemary is a good leader? In what other aspects have you seen her in a leadership position?


  1. YES! I think Rosemary Trible is a great example of a leader, and I also think that her leadership is often overlooked. I actually had the opportunity of hearing Rosemary speak as the closing keynote speaker at the Women in Leadership Conference this past Sunday. I have heard her story before, but regardless it always continues to resonate and inspire.

    The part of Rosemary’s speech that greatly stood out to me was her emphasis on collaboration. Whenever she was talking about her experiences as a leader she always included Paul Trible. Even when she referred to his leadership journey, there was always an aspect of collectiveness. Every leadership endeavor taken, they did it together. Rosemary supported Paul and Paul supported Rosemary. She rarely used the word I, but rather we to describe the leadership success. I feel like our culture often emphasizes individual accomplishments and success rather than the importance of teamwork. Rosemary and Paul idealize the beauty of teamwork. Rosemary knew how to develop strong support groups and work towards change together. She is a truly a selfless leader. Her work with Fear 2 Freedom has provided support and help to so many individuals suffering from sexual assault. However, her passion for this organization stems from her internal drive to help and support other women. Again, we see the emphasis on teamwork and success. Rosemary heart is filled with altruism.

    I think CNU often overlooks Rosemary’s leadership because she deflects a lot of the recognition. Her mission is not to be recognized as a successful leader, but she want to be recognized as helping people and giving back. We need to remember Rosemary’s true passion and desire to validate her amazing leadership.


  2. The main context that I know Rosemary in is when the Tribles host Younglife leaders for commissioning in the spring each year. They throw a wonderful party in honor of all the new leaders who have been placed at their assigned high schools. They are very open about their faith in that context and pray for all of the Younglife leaders. I know Rosemary as a host, not a leader. Not to cut Rosemary down but not everyone who is married to or dating a leader needs to be a leader themselves. It is alright to have one person in a romantic dyad be a leader and the other be a participant. It is possible that she is a strong, caring woman who loves CNU.

  3. I love Rosemary Trible, who she is an what she stands for, But this also being said she does tend to fall in some typically feminine roles.
    She is the stay at home wife that started charity work.
    She is the person you hug after your shake hands with President Trible.
    She is literally doing everything so politically correct.
    Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that and I love the work she has done. Just CNU feels progressive in gender rights and being so accepting I wish she wasn’t so perfect. I wish we had a leader that broke out of the box a little bit more. Maybe its the political life in the family, or maybe its her personality.
    Just sometimes I wish roles were reserved to have her shine even brighter.

  4. Some days when I just want to quit school and just fall asleep in my bed forever I think about what I would be missing if I did that. One of my top things was not getting that hug from Rosemary as I walked across the stage. I have loved being apart of the President’s Leadership Program. I remember one year, the speaker cancelled and President Trible ended up speaking. I remember him telling their story about their engagement, and we were all so fascinated. My favorite part of the night, they said we could come walk their dog any time we wanted to! I know Rosemary also leads a bible study, and although I have never gone, I know she invites people into her house and treats them like family.

  5. I love Rosemary Trible! Obviously I’m not alone, and I feel like at this point, if you said you didn’t love her, people would wonder what’s wrong with you.

    I think Fear2Freedom is so important, and it’s amazing how far it has spread already. When I was back home, a friend of mine went through an experience that led to her getting a Fear2Freedom package. I remember being shocked at how my little slice of CNU managed to reach my life even 2 hours away in my hometown. I admire Rosemary for her courage in telling her story. I think she and President Trible have done a lot to minimize rape culture on campus, which really stands out to me, since it can be so easy for political people to just shrug it off. The fact that Rosemary is so open about everything is something that impressed me a lot; we all know President Trible still has some politician’s habits, which seems like it would cause them to want to cover this up. Instead, they are almost painfully open about her story (and their story together), reaching for change even when it’s uncomfortable to talk about. Even when it may be the unpopular thing for a university President and his wife to do.

    I do think there are valid points about her occupying feminine roles and sometimes falling into that stereotype, or at least reinforcing it. Still, like I said earlier, I do think that “perfect” image is tempered by Rosemary’s openness and bluntness about a very serious and difficult topic. Ultimately, she is someone I would expect to be very feminine and put together, not because she must, but because she enjoys that. I personally want to support that, and I think her fairly polished nature helps her in leadership roles, such as Fear2Freedom. I think it gives her a sense of compassion that people with more agentic traits may find difficult to achieve, which is crucial for the field in which she is working.

  6. While I have not seen Rosemary as a leader in any other way of running Fear 2 Freedom and being the first lady of CNU. But I do agree that she does exemplify servant leadership in the best way any servant leader could. While she does admit that she created it because women need the items that the organization provides, she is incredibly humble about the organization.She did it because she was in their shoes at one time and I think that women can relate to her because of that. Women and men can relate to her actually because both deal with these issues when they go to the hospital but they fee for her because of her past situations. We know she is a leader but she is so humble and an eloquent speaker about what is happening that we just look up to her as a person. We want to be here. This is what a leader should be in my opinion. A person who we want to emody.

  7. What I find most unique and awesome about Rosemary Trible is that she has done everything under the “shadow” of her husband. She is a strong individual and has made an impact on so many individuals. Many people who are wives to powerful men are overshadowed by what they are doing or chose not to be seen or heard. Rosemary has stepped up out of President Trible’s shadow and made a amazing organization, Fear 2 Freedom, and made an impact to SO many people. What she does is amazing and an accomplishment in herself, but I find it even more amazing that she has done it being married to a politician and president of a University.

    • I totally agree with this. A lot of women simply become leaders because their husbands are leaders – maybe it’s an expectation of them or an opportunity presented to them. Rosemary, however, began her leadership positions even before marrying Paul, and even though she has a huge presence on campus with Fear 2 Freedom, she is present throughout the community with her service and charisma.

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