Posted by: christineshreve | November 17, 2016

How are we going to improve the current situation?

Each person in our class is a leader otherwise we wouldn’t be in this class. Even when we may doubt ourselves at points it is important to remind ourselves that we are leaders and that we are very capable of making positive change. In daily life I oftentimes forget that I am a leader and that I have influence over others. Because I am a busy person (as we all are), I do not take the time to stop and acknowledge the fact that my leadership is actually valuable —I don’t think about how even my small interactions with others matter.

I think that due to the recent election, the importance of our leadership has become more visible to me. Our class has around 25 people in it and I know many of us differ in leadership styles, beliefs, and worldviews but I have consistently seen two common factors among all of us: we are leaders and we all are passionate about making positive change. I want to challenge all of the people reading this to consciously think about the positive change that is possible after this recent election.

I know that those who did not support Trump may be feeling deep disappointment, frustration, and fear ever since the election and I know those who did support Trump may be feeling relieved from the election while also fearing judgement and intense opposition from those around them. Whether you are either of these parties or if you lie somewhere in between, know that you personally are in a position to promote peace, love, and positivity in the midst of this. Those who did not support Trump, please try to honestly understand and not harshly judge those who did vote for Trump and are feeling attacked and discouraged right now. Those who voted for Trump, please try to understand, empathize, and encourage those who did not vote for Trump and are feeling hurt and afraid right now. Those who did not vote, voted for a write in, or chose to vote third party, please try to do both of these.

Also, I challenge you to do more than just dwell on the thought of making a positive impact—really try to do something. It can be obvious and radical or it can be something more subtle. As we have been learning in our class there are different ways of making change—either through tempered radicalism or through some more obvious drastic way. I am certain though that as leaders, it is important to try to at least do something positive in the midst of this messy and sensitive situation! I want to do this in my own life and so I wanted to hear feedback from you guys on what your thoughts are on this and what ways you think we could focus on improving the current situation. How 


  1. Thank you for posting this! I, like everyone else I’m sure, have noticed the fear, anger and general negativity that has permeated a lot of our interactions since the election. I find that it is most evident in social media and in the media in general. On Wednesday, students from my former high school engaged in a protest of the results of the election. This prompted an onslaught of opinions appearing on my Facebook news-feed. While personally I had a lot of mixed feelings about it, all the anger surrounding the whole thing, from those who heard about the protest, to those who were there (a teenage boy was beaten up by some of the otherwise peaceful teen protesters), caused me to feel very discouraged by it all. While I don’t have any of the answers you are looking for on how we can lead change (I’ll continue to think on it though), I like that you brought up that even it just it small ways, it is possible for us to lead positive change.

  2. This is where the rubber meets the road. We should take personal responsibility in our jobs, relationships, and actions. We also should speak up when someone makes a impolite comment towards a minority and challenge discriminatory policies when we observe them. Most importantly, we must share what we have learned with our friends, current families, partners, and future children. We as women leaders need self-assurance and confidence in our abilities. Next time this class is taught, I think the class should do a writing activity where they need to create a “bragging” essay. The students must list of all of their positive qualities and leadership roles in detail. It would demonstrate to each of them that they are a leader and are capable of making an impact.

  3. What an intentional post- I mean, you’re absolutely right. This is a time where our country was extremely divided and there are hurt people on both sides. As young millennials, it is crucial that we understand how important our roles are in society. Every interaction we have has an impact on people. Whether it’s just a passing on the street or a forming new relationship or continuing to cultivate a current relationship, our words and actions set a direction. I want that direction to lead to progress. I want my words to reflect love and understanding. I want my actions to evoke empathy and peace. I want my lifestyle to reflect open-mindedness and acceptance. I want to be an example to the future generations on how to respectfully disagree and create safe places for diverse thoughts and conversations. I think the “how” to that is to take a personal responsibility and take personal stakes on the issue. If everyone has a strong internal locus of control and tries to take intentional steps leading to progress, then I think that’s exactly what will happen- we’ll progress.

  4. How can we improve the situation? We can continually be informed and aware of the issues happening around us. To choose knowledge over ignorance on issues that really do matter. Issues such as the objectification of women should not be ignored. We have a voice and therefore what we do and say creates deep impacts that we may not even be aware of. Voices need to speak out against injustice. Although we should not continually stay in a position of judgment or else we will continue to divide as a country. Therefore we must strive towards understanding the bigger picture and continue to fight for those facing injustice and discrimination.

  5. I think we can make the situation better by taking action. If we sit around and complain nothing will ever change. We’ve seen the resurgence of protest and while they’ve been noticed they haven’t been very heavy hitting. They need to go to Washington and New York, the big cities where they will be noticed and take a stand. In the 50’s ,60’s and 70’s protest helped change society for the better and no it was not an easy job. They faced harassment and many were aginst them but they perceived and made a difference, and now we must do the same. People must also be willing to shut down hateful speech. Having different views is good, but letting them prevent progress and turn into hate should not be allowed. People need to be okay with making things awkward and disagreement to be able to silence those who are hateful. We need to open back up proper discussion and communication channels and use our voices constructively to make a change.

  6. I think this post is incredibly uplifting and encouraging. It is easy to forget that we are leaders and that we can make a difference in everyday life. Though big movements change society, so do little ones as well. I think I forget that people are watching us, noticing what others do and are like. You even think about small acts of kindness and the effects they can have. If you buy the person’s coffee behind you, that will not only make their day, but also maybe encourage them to start a train of kindness.

  7. I love how you apprached this issue from two different perspectives but ended with one common goal. A lot of times we do forget how effective we can be towards others and how much we inspire those around us. If we look deep within ourselves and others, past the disagreements or differences, and acknowledge that we have the strength and power to change situations around us for the better. Sitting around and being upset at the next person does not create the change that we want to see. By being ignorant towards someone else because of their political views takes us back so many steps. We don’t always have to agree with the beliefs of others but we must show a level of respect for all.
    I absolutely love this post, continue to uplift those that you come in contact with! Very meaningful post…

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